The process to take on how to verify Google account without phone number is a easy on and any online users can do it on mobile phone or PC. Basically, so many online users do sign up Google account on phone and chrome browser as well.

How to Verify Google Account Without Phone Number - Get Old Gmail Account Back
How to Verify Google Account Without Phone Number – Get Old Gmail Account Back

However, their come an issue most users do face is how to verify Google account without Phone number. Verifying your Google account is a very essential process to take to keep your account safe and secure. Hence the need for you to create gmail account without phone number and verify your account on

How Do I verify my Google Account Without a Phone?

On this section I will walk you through on the process for you to easily verify your Gmail account. Below are the following steps to create Google account without a phone number.

  1. First go to the URL
  2. Then simply click on Create an Account on the homepage or sign up Google account.
  3. Enter your full name and Gmail username you want to use.
  4. Furthermore, create a secure password.
  5. Hit on the Next caption.
  6. Then just leave the phone number field empty.
  7. Enter a recovery email address if you wish (optional)
  8. Click on Sign up to finish setting up your account.

Now, with this steps above you now know how to bypass phone number verification on gmail. So you can carry out this process on your computer or mobile phone anywhere you are.

How Can I Recover My Gmail Password Without Phone Number and Recovery Email

Here you will learn how to recover Gmail Password without Email and Phone number. All you need is your mobile phone or PC and an internet service.

  1. First, you need to open Gmail on an internet browser.
  2. Access the URL
  3. Therefore, enter your Gmail username ID and password hit on Next.
  4. Then you have to click on the Forgot Password link caption you see right under the password area.
  5. Furthermore, input the last password you remember or click on the ‘Try Another Way’ link.

With this way you can recover your email account after following the process. More so, how to sign into gmail without phone verification will not make you to easily recover your old gmail account.

How Can I Get My Old Gmail Account Back?

Most email users do ask this question of how they can get old gmail account back. Well this is just a simple guide and answer to your questions.

  1. Click on recover account on the gmail login page.
  2. Then follow the steps you see on your screen to recover your Google Account or Gmail.
  3. They will ask you some personal questions to confirm it’s your account. Therefore, just answer as best you can.
  4. After accessing all the steps reset your password when prompted. Therefore, choose a strong gmail password, one you have not use with the said account before.

Learn How to Create a Strong Gmail Password

  • Firstly, do not use your name or date of birth as a password.
  • Use upper and lower case letters.
  • Make use of signs and symbols as well to make it more secure.
  • Also, the use of numbers are great too.

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