How to Use Google Hangouts and Download Hangouts Chrome Extension on Desktop or Mobile

If you want to learn how to use google hangouts, then you should stick to this article. Hangouts is referred to as an instant messaging and video call service created and developed by Google. This service can be used in the form of Gmail, Google plus, and even on apps supported on Android and IOS devices.

How to Use Google Hangouts and Download Hangouts Chrome Extension on Desktop or Mobile
How to Use Google Hangouts and Download Hangouts Chrome Extension on Desktop or Mobile

Basically, it can also be used in form of the Google Chrome extension that gives you the chance to engage in chat conversations with your friends. This instant messaging service comes with so many amazing features that every good messaging platform should ever have.

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Google Hangouts How to Use

“How to Use Google Hangouts” As long as you are logged in to a Google account, then you can be able to send and receive messages, pictures, and even fun stickers and emojis.

The video call feature on this platform gives you the chance to engage in video calls with up to 10 friends at a time. It does not matter the kind of device you make use of, you can engage in a video call. It is joined to Google Drive and YouTube that lets you enjoy effect and sounds, during your calls.

How to Use Hangouts and Features of Hangouts

You can make use of Google Hangouts plugin to get connected, keep in touch, and engage in message conversations with your friends. You can also get on with face to Facebook conversations, and group calls with others. Here are the features of this instant messaging platform.

  • You can get connected and chat with your friends and contacts.
  • Users can engage in a group chat with up to 150 friends.
  • You can say more and share special moments using messages, status updates, videos, stickers, GIFs, and emojis.
  • Also, you can get on any conversation in a video call with up to 10 friends.
  • You are able to make audio calls using this platform. And when you can follow users on this platform, it is free.
  • As a user you can make use of Google Voice for texting and calling.
  • Keep messages for your friends, even when they are offline!

Take note: However, you should take note that other charges may apply. Making calls to other users on this platform is free, but all other calls on this platform may be charged.

How to Download Google Hangouts App

Hangouts are available as an app for IOS and Android devices. Here are the steps on how you can download the app.

  • On your Android or IOS device, go to your Google play store or app store.
  • On your play/app store, use the search bar to find Hangouts.
  • Therefore, this search will give you the app.
  • Click on the app and INSTALL or GET.
  • When the download process is done, open the app to get started.

Therefore, learn how to create Google hangout and download the hangout app online.

How to Use Google Hangouts on Android, iPhone and Desktop

This messaging platform is also available on the web for desktop, Android and iPhone. If you want to try out the web version, here’s how to.

  • Visit the website on
  • As long as your Google account is signed in, you will find the tab open for you.
  • You just have to choose an option to start with. Messaging, video call, or audio call.
  • Also, select the contact to chat with and get started.

How to Access Google Hangouts Chrome Extension

It is also available as an extension, which can be attached to your web browser, Chrome. You can find it at the top of your browser’s screen. From here, you can be able to access it and gain access to your friends all over the world.

  • Visit the site on
  • Using the search box, search for Hangouts.
  • Furthermore, you will find a list of options. Close to the options that say, Chat and Meet for Hangouts, click on Add to Chrome.
  • It will be added to your web browser, where you can click on it to access it.

Therefore, this is just a simple guide for you to use the Google meet or how to use Google hangouts for meetings and as well access its features.

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