How to Use Facebook Messenger for Business and Marketing

Today we are going to be looking at the tips and ways you can use Facebook messenger for business and marketing. Therefore, these tips will assist you as a business owner to grow your business and as well boost you customer base. Also, it will make you have more leads to your business.

How to Use Facebook Messenger for Business and Marketing

How to Use Facebook Messenger for Business and Marketing

However, you do not need to own a very big business to access these features on Facebook. This implies that either big or small business owners can use these tips to improve their business. How to Use Facebook Messenger for Business and Marketing

Use the Messenger Codes

Yes, you can use the Facebook messenger codes that will in turn help people to connect with your business easily. More so, all you need to do to achieve this is just to scan the graphic. However, the messenger is very visible at the profile picture of your business page. Therefore, you can recognize this when you see a profile with circles and some dots around it.

Basically, for you to find your messenger code you will have to go to the message tab of your Facebook page. Furthermore, to see this icon go to the bottom of your inbox and click on the information icon you see there. After achieving this you can finally view your messenger code. Also, you can download it as a graphic file to add it to your website too.

Messenger Links

This is another tool to assist other users to begin a conversation with you via your Facebook page. Therefore, if you feel the messenger is taking more space on your device you can use it on your website. This is the format how your messenger link does display (

Share Your Location

Therefore, this is a section that makes it very easy for you to initiate an offline meeting especially with colleagues or business client. More so, with this people do not need to ask you when to meet with you but by sharing your location they already know where to meet you.

How to Send Your Location on Facebook

  • Open the main conversation and click on the three doted icon you see on the page.
  • Then click on location.
  • Move the pin to your exact location. Better still enter your location name.
  • Lastly, press the send caption to finalize the process.

Use the Send Message Button

Basically, you can use the message send active call to actions button to great a local awareness to all clients and friends. Furthermore, this will attract local customers to connect with you and as well learn more about you.

Also, the local awareness ads are a form of Facebook ads that you can create and use for your Facebook business page. In this way you can target your audience within the location of your business.

Offer Customer Care

This section holds a huge part of any business when running one. More so, the customer is department helps to solve the any questions customers may have in regards to your products and services. Therefore, these are the various ways you can give services to customers via Facebook messenger.

Facebook Customer Interaction Guide

  • Questions that needs personal information most be answered by you alone. Therefore, comments and questions on your most be scrutinized as per the ones you can show fore public view or not. When you follow this format customers will know you are not ignoring them.
  • Also, provide customer service via the messenger. This is a nice way to initiate a fast and simple communication. More so, you can as well authorize someone to handle all messages that will come in during business hours. This will in turn give an edge over other business that are slow in this aspect.
  • Lastly is the option to give customers service via chatbots. Particularly, this will allow you to automate everything in your online business from customers to service delivery. Whereby proving useful information on how to use your products. Presently the Facebook messenger bots holds about 30,000 bots.

Make Use of the Dropbox Integration

Specifically, to ensure a good interactive section with your colleagues a lot easier, you can attach the dropbox files directly to your conversation chat. Therefore, you can add videos and as well photos to your chat and they will be displaying.

More so, this makes it easier to collaborate with your users. Basically, the persons you are collaborating with just need to add tap the OPEN caption to open the files on the dropbox app.

How to Attach Dropbox App to Facebook Messenger

These are the steps to add your chat bots to your Facebook Business messenger.

  • First install the Dropbox app on your device.
  • Then open any conversation on the chat.
  • Tap the three-dot icon you see on the page.
  • Next choose drop box.
  • Lastly, select your file and you are good to go.

When you are looking for a good way to market your products, the Facebook Marketing is an excellent tool to for it when used appropriately. Therefore, just be on the look out for more amazing updates and features that will come up in the future. Explore more on how to use Facebook messenger for your business to increase your customers and income.




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