How To Use Facebook Dating App – Meet New People on Facebook Dating For Singles 

Facebook dating site Application  is also the same as dating Facebook app. How to use Facebook dating app feature which is a free tool for Facebook singles to use. This is another amazing way Facebook uses to keep users connecting with each other on their platforms.


Therefore Facebook keep introducing more mediums for users to connect with each other.  More so, the Fbook app is not different is the Facebook dating app is created and embedded inside the main Facebook application. Although, some users think  it is a separate app on its own.

Facebook Dating App

The Facebook dating app is set up in a way for it to work  with the regular Facebook platform. Therefore, users can create a new dating profile solely for the purpose of this dating feature on Facebook. Basically, the dating feature gives people the chance to find love with other users that matches what they want. However, finding love and meeting new people within your area is possible.
Facebook dating a typical  way for singles on Facebook to connect and find love. Based on this, Facebook is now playing the role of a matchmaker in this regard. This is where they link up with suitable singles and other singles that stay nearby. Therefore, doing this Facebook is helping to connect single’s together. This is the major essence of the Facebook dating feature.

Facebook Dating for Singles 

Facebook gives its users chance to open a dating profiles separate from their regular profiles. This aid a more mature interact with other singles on the Facebook dating feature.

This is an strategy to allow users to meet new people. More so, Facebook ensure that singles are not paired with their regular FB friends. This in turn pilot them to meet new people which is the major reason of the dating platform.

Facebook Dating Features

  • Furthermore, Facebook gives its users access to filter their searches to other users on the dating app.
  • However, it gives them the option of selecting the location of the people they meet. As well as their ages, colors and other related things of relative importance.
  • Facebook also gives its users the flexibility to choose on who they want to meet so they will not meet up with people they do not like.
  • Therefore Facebook singles can actually meet new people and make more friends. However, the feature is set up not to you or suggest your regular friends to you.

How to Use Facebook Dating App

Particularly, using the Facebook App for dating is actually simple and easy, users can easily create new dating account or profiles. Therefore, this is done via the dating feature on Facebook website or application. Below is the process on how to use the Facebook dating app.
  • First open your web browser or Facebook App.
  • Then login into Facebook account on
  • Furthermore, tap on Dating in the options you see on your screen.
  • Click the Get Started caption and create a new profile
  • Choose a location, gender preferences and input a profile picture
  • Facebook will then creates your dating profile.
Yes it is as easy as that! You have just successfully open your new dating profile. Now other users can now see your profile and you can start connecting with new friends online and find love.
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