How to Stay Sign in to Yahoo Mail – Keep Me Sign in to My Yahoo Mail Account | Yahoo Mail Login


Basically, when most Yahoo email user’s login to their email account, the Yahoo mail will not keep the user logged in the next they want to access their account. Therefore, this makes most Yahoo mail users complain as they don’t want to keep inputting their login details to sign in. More so, most Yahoo mail users want to know how to stay sign in to Yahoo mail account. This process is very good for easy accessibility to users.

How to Stay Sign in to Yahoo Mail - Keep Me Sign in to My Yahoo Mail Account | Yahoo Mail Login
How to Stay Sign in to Yahoo Mail – Keep Me Sign in to My Yahoo Mail Account | Yahoo Mail Login

Particularly, one thing they should look into is the browser which they are using. More so, it may be the browser is not saving their login cookies. However, these cookies are a bit of data that reminds Yahoo that you are a returning visitor.

Therefore, for you to stay signed in to Yahoo mail account, you have to make some adjustments in the settings of your browser. Furthermore, you can do so by going to your browser settings and changing it to accept cookies.

When Accessing the Yahoo Mail Login

When you visit the Yahoo login page the cookies the browser will save applies to the browser and the device you are using. However, this is particularly at the time you visit the page. Therefore, if you visit that same page with the same device it will log you in immediately. This means you do not need to log back in again to access your account.

But if you log in with a different device then you will need to input your login details again. More so, in some cases when the cookies of the browser you use in logging in is deleted then you will need to input your details again.

How to Stay Sign in to Yahoo Mail

The first thing you need to do is to prevent the computer or mobile device from deleting your browser cookies when you visit Therefore, as long as you revisit the same page with same device, it will log you in automatically.

  • Therefore, visit your Yahoo login page
  • When the page opens and you input your login details click the caption below that says Stay Signed In check box.
  • Then do not select the box that says Sign out in the box that shows up when selecting your name at the Yahoo login page.
  • Also, do not manually clear out browser cookies. Because this will erase all your browsing history and login details.

Therefore, always check the browser settings if it is set to delete cookies automatically when the browser window closes.

Use of Private Browsers

Basically, if you use the private browser feature to visit websites such as  without storing cookies on your device the browser will fail to track your online history. However, this will affect any login page you enter as you will keep logging in to access that same page.

Furthermore, there are some private browsers like the Safari, Mozilla etc. Therefore frequent usage of this feature shows why you will not stay sign in to Yahoo mail.