If you want to get access to Microsoft services then you have to know how to sign up outlook account process. However, this is the only way to gain access to the MSN platform services. Therefore, on this article on Tipcrewblog I am going to be point out how to sign up on outlook account. Also, I will dive in on other topics like outlook mobile app.

How to Access Outlook Account Sign up – Hotmail Sign up Login

To sign up for the Outlook account, you can as well follow the steps below.

  • Go to outlook.com and click the “Create Free Account” link on the homepage.
  • You will see that the account you want to create is related to Microsoft account, that Mean’s you can use the outlook account on Microsoft also.
  • At this time, you have to enter your email and create your password.
  • After that first process, you will be asked to enter your first and last name, then click next when you finish with that part.
  • This is the second to the last part of the sign-up process, now you have to select your country name and then your birth figures. And then click next to move to the last part.
  • Type in the letters you see on the last page into the box below it and click the sign up to complete the process.

When you are done, your account will be good to go, ready for usage.

Outlook Mobile App

Outlook also has a mobile app for smartphone users. For those who are using mobile devices like Android and iOS devices. The app also supports the same features and services that the web does.  And you can download the app from the app store of your smartphone. These are the steps on how you can download the app.

  • Go to your smartphone app store, of which every smartphone has its own Appstore.
  • On the search bar, type in “Outlook” and search.
  • There will come the app on the result page, you just have to click on the app with “Blue Color” and letter “O” on it.
  • Then click the install or download button below it to start the downloading process.

Ones you are through downloading it, install the app and start using it and you can also use the app to sign up for an account.