Searching for a reliable email service, Google’s email account sign up is one of the best options. How to Sign up new gmail account is a simple process to access.  However, to create gmail new account will give you full features with gmail services. Therefore, if you want to manage your email communications then Sign up to gmail.

How to Sign Up New Gmail Account - Easy Tips on Email Account Sign Up
How to Sign Up New Gmail Account – Easy Tips on Email Account Sign Up

Gmail Features

The features of Gmail service is a top leader among all webmail email services.

  • Therefore, its services are all free l like Blogger, YouTube etc.
  • Google gives users about 15 gigabytes of free storage.
  • Also, upgrading storage amounts for users is also an option if you to check out for if you need more space.
  • Sign up for Gmail, you can easily send and receive emails on computers and mobile devices.
  • Ability to import mobile contacts via your gmail account.
  • You can synchronize your Gmail account to make it easy to access all Google services, including Google Drive, Google Play, Google Maps etc.

These are just some of the features you will get when you sign up to the service on mobile phone or PC.

Email Account Sign Up

Here is a quick tip to assist you to sign up gmail as many do ask how to register a new gmail account or how to create new gmail account without phone number.

  • Open the webpage URL 
  • Input your First name and last name.
  • Then the first step for account sign up is to create a username. Therefore, try to choose a unique username.
  • Craft out a secure password.
  • Then click on next to continue process.
  • Next input your date of birth.
  • Furthermore, add a recovery email as well. This is in case you have any issues with your email account.
  • Input your mobile number too.
  • Lastly, click create to proceed on accessing your new gmail account.

Note: More so, if you already have a specific username, you can use it only if it is available to you to use. Because someone would have taken that same username.  However, if that happens you can choose from the suggested list from Google.

Precisely, you can use capital and lowercase letters in your password. Also, numbers and symbols in your Google account password. More so, username needs to have eight or more characters phrase. So no need to say how to set up a new g suite account or how do I sign up for a new gmail account, but n ow you know.

Tips For Choosing Your Username

After you’ve taken a username, then Google will ask you a few more personal details. This are

  1. First and last name,
  2. Birthday,
  3. Gender
  4. Then your location.

You will also create a secure password to access your account. After filling in all of this information’s on the sign up page, ensure to read the terms of services and privacy policy. Then click the agreement box to indicate that you agree to the terms and conditions of use, and then click the Next Step caption.

Setup Email Recovery Options

Precisely, if you ever forget your email password or someone hacks your account,. Then you can recover it back with the use of the recovery email you use in signing up. However, setting a recovery options is not a mandatory process.

Basically, I do recommend you always input it because of the above reasons of account and password recovery issues. Also, enter a phone number which Google can use to contact you to help you recover access to your account. After which click “done” to finish the process.

Google New Account Setup and Sign into Gmail

Therefore, after setting up your new account Google will display to you a welcome page once you finish setting gmail account. Furthermore, you can now Sign into gmail if you know how can I create a new account in gmail. to login to gmail this

  • click on the sign in caption on the Google sign in page.
  • Input your username.
  • Type in your password
  • Lastly hit on the the sign in caption to access your account. your password.

After accessing your Gmail account you can choose your gmail chrome display options and other settings as well. Also, you can Add contacts to your account for easy working accessibility. Therefore, you can contact other users by email or phone. You can also import contacts from other accounts as well.

Furthermore, this accounts includes Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. More so, you can send and receive emails from other mail service provider as well. Using the Gmail email address, you can sign up for any online service or account.