How to Sign in Zoom Cloud Meeting

Logging into your Zoom page allows you to manage your Zoom account. Also, it helps manage your Zoom Cloud recordings, your profile settings including your personal link, personal Meeting ID, Host Key and Photo. However, to Login into your account you need to key in your login particulars. More so, you can use the Zoom cloud app to access this process as well. Therefore, if you have the zoom app it will give you the same sign in Zoom cloud meeting with your zoom account. Follow these few steps to Login.

How to Sign in Zoom Cloud Meeting With Your Zoom Account
How to Sign in Zoom Cloud Meeting With Your Zoom Account
  • Go to
  • Move toward the right hand side of the page a, at the top
  • Click on the “Sign In “ widget
  • On the next page, enter your Email address and Password
  • Then, click on the “Sign In” button.

How to Join  Zoom Meeting For The First Time

For those that want to join a Zoom Meeting for the first time. You need to use your smartphone, iOS, computers.

Follow these steps to join a meeting;

  • Launch open the app on your device
  • Click on “Join”
  • Next, Enter the Meeting ID and password
  • Then you will be allowed to join the meeting.

Sometimes, you can use the zoom link you are given and enter the Meeting ID and click on “Join”

Zoom Meeting

For zoom Meeting created by another person, open the zoom app and click on Join. Choose if you would want to share your audio and video or not. Then click on Join to get started. With this you won’t need to install the zoom app for meeting. Ignore the options to install the zoom app. Then join the meeting using the browser.

Zoom Chrome Extension

Also to join zoom via the computer browser, you can achieve it through Google Chrome or Firefox. To begin, get to the Chrome webstore and download the Zoom Chrome Extension. When you are through with the extension will appear at the top corner of the chrome browser.

Tap on the Zoom extension and Sign in. Next, click on the “Start a Meeting”  this will take you to a Web page where you will see the option to Download applications. Ignore it choose the “Click Here” hyperlink to begin the meeting. Below you will see an hyperlinks with “Start from your browser” this will enable you to start the meeting with your Google chrome. When you are using Firefox browser, just install Zoom Scheduler addon and tap the icon right at the top of the page to begin.