This article is simply to show you how to setup likes and comments on Facebook Account. The like and comment feature on is a very useful feature to help Facebook users interact more better online. However, some users still have difficulties in using this features and as well accessing it.

How to Setup Likes and Comments on Facebook Account
How to Setup Likes and Comments on Facebook Account

Although, it is a very simple feature to access and it is as well available to all Facebook users either new or existing Facebook account users. Basically, on this article i am going to be showing you the easy method you can use to adjust the like and comment feature settings.

How to Setup Likes and Comments on Facebook Account

Many Fbook users do ask the question that, how do I adjust who can like or comment on my Facebook public profile information?. Well it is a very simple process to attain, just see the below guidelines.

This tip is for users to adjust who can like and as well comment on your public profile information on Facebook.
  • First step click on the account in the top right corner of your Facebook page.
  • Then choose Settings & privacy option.
  • Furthermore, click on Settings.
  • From this point, locate the Public posts option on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Go straight to Who Can Follow Me section and ensure that you select the Public option.
  • Hit on the Edit option which is next to Public profile info caption.
  • Then pick who you will like to comment and as well like your public profile information: Therefore, the list reads like this.
    • Public: This section includes everyone, even people who are not following you.
    • Friends of friends: On this section it includes all your Facebook friends and also, their own friends too.
    • Friends: This section will includes your friends on Fbook. However, if anyone else is tagged in that post, then the post audience will expands. This as well includes the person whom you tag and their friends also.

Also, know that how to block other Facebook Users from seeing your Facebook post is just the reverse of this process.

Note: You can as well adjust who can comment on your public posts on your Facebook profile.