Basically, knowing how to set up business PayPal account helps your business to take payments for products and as well for services. Therefore, this is without having to pay for an expensive merchant account from any location.

Easy Steps on How to Set Up Business PayPal Account
Easy Steps on How to Set Up Business PayPal Account

Furthermore, your business can also use credit card and debit card payments with it. More so, the online checks payments as well as direct payments from your customers’ personal PayPal accounts or wire transfer.

Business PayPal Account

PayPal business accounts also come with tools to help you set up buttons or full-fledged electronic shopping carts, and your funds are readily available via a business debit MasterCard or a transfer to your main business or personal bank account.

Again the PayPal business account do come with a lot of exciting tools to assist you to set up an online payment processor. Furthermore, this is good for electronic shopping cart for online purchase.

Also, all your funds are save on a business Debit Mastercard. More so, you can make transfer to your business account or bank account as the case may be.

How to Set Up Business PayPal Account

  • Firstly, visit and click PayPal Sign Up
  • Then enter your details information they require you to input. This details are your new PayPal account owner’s name, home address, email address, office address and business customer service contact information. After completing the form click on submit.
  • Therefore, open your email and check your inbox. More so, search for the verification email from
  • Log into PayPal account and follow the prompt instructions that needs you to enter your bank account information. More so, you can connect the PayPal business account with either your personal or current bank account.

Connect PayPal Business Account With Bank

Below is how you can Connect PayPal Business Account With Bank with your phone or PC system anywhere you are.

  • First enter the name of your bank account with the personal or business account number. Also, make sure to add your routing number from the directions on the screen. PayPal will then forward a verification request to your bank with two small deposits. However, this process normally takes three to five days to complete the verification process.
  • Do well to check your personal or business bank account transactions in three to five days. This is after setting up the PayPal account online. Once you can find the two deposits from PayPal, then you can proceed in setting up your account.

Note: This notification email do arrives in your inbox within minutes. However, you need it to verify your PayPal account.

Furthermore, log into your PayPal account and follow strictly the instructions to complete verifying your personal or business bank account information.

Therefore, PayPal will then notify you your new PayPal account set up is complete, and ask you to choose your preferred business payment method.

Also, users will also be able to set up other business-related features, such as requesting a debit MasterCard, or when set up an online shopping system.