How to Send Gift Messages on Facebook Messenger App

On this article you will see how to send gift messages on Facebook messenger app on mobile and PC devices. However, this process is not new to FB users at all but since the pandemic, this process has come back to limelight due to social distances.

How To Send Gift Messages on Facebook Messenger App
How To Send Gift Messages on Facebook Messenger App

Therefore, since it is a bit difficult to visit family and friends this period, it is idea to use the Facebook gift cards. Furthermore, you can use this method to keep your love ones happy and together.

Basically, this feature on its own is a again an effective way to pass your messages across board to anyone you want. Although, there are other methods you can use as well. This includes the popping up of some confetti messages just after sending a message. However, this is just as a fire effect as well as the flaming messenger too.

How To Send Gift Messages or Cards on Facebook Messenger

Precisely, on Facebook app, you will start the process by writing a new message. Better still you can open an existing message conversation as well. Although, this gifts effects are only applicable to text. However, it does not work on emojis or images.

  1. Therefore, right in the message inbox, type your message which you want to wrap with gifts.
  2. The click on the Sticker button you see on the right side of the message box.
  3. Furthermore, tap on effects.
  4. Then pick the gift you want to send.

After this process, then send the message to the person you want. Therefore, the gift message will deliver instantly to the receiver as you click on the gift effect. furthermore, if the receiver tap on the gift to unwrap they will see the Facebook message.

Facebook New Effects 

Basically, users can as well access this process to add confetti, heart effect and the fire effects on messenger too. Particularly, the process is all the same. However, instead of selecting to send wrap gift you can send the heart or fire effect.

In recent times Facebook has been adding new features in the messenger app. Therefore, one of the feature on it today is the Facebook avatar and the vanish mode. More so, this vanish feature make Fbook messages disappear after reading it.

Although, this features is not available to some countries of the world like Philippines at the time is writing. However, in the time to come all these new features will be available in all the countries of the world.


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