How to link Instagram account with Facebook page is a process on Instagram that every user can easily carry out. However, this also means you most have a real Facebook account for this process to be successful. Although, most Facebook users that also possess an Instagram account do not know they can link their Instagram to their Facebook page.


Therefore, the linking does give rise to a host of benefits to you as a user, especially for your business and event promotion. More so, the Facebook business page or brand works as a very valuable to you can use to market any product or services. This is s very nice feature on Facebook as users find it very easy to pass information about their business to the public.

Add Instagram to Facebook

Instagram as a social media platform gives right to its users to share their photo and videos to friends and other users as well. Therefore, the platform uses a lot of features in order to acquire this goal by digital filters and post tags.

After achieving a photo or video you can them share it on your Instagram account and make it public for everyone to see and comment. However, the fun is more complete when you add Instagram to Facebook. The below steps will therefore guide you to achieve this process.

How to Link Two Instagram Account to Facebook Page

Basically, most Instagram users that operate a Facebook page do ask the question, can i link two or multiple Instagram account with Facebook page? well the answer to that question is no. You cannot link two Instagram account to a Facebook page but rather you can link multiple Instagram account to your Facebook profile. Therefore, after linking your Instagram account to your Facebook your friends on Facebook will likely get a notification. More so, this will inform them you are now using the Instagram account on Facebook.

How to Link Instagram Account with Facebook Page

Basically, by you adding an Instagram tab to your Facebook page will surely increase the rate popularity of your products or services. This is because both Facebook and Instagram are very popular social media platforms. Also, this process does increase your page reach by potential customers. Below is the process to link your Instagram account with your Facebook page.

  1. Firstly, log in to your Facebook account that carries the exact page you want to add an Instagram tab.
  2. Type in the search word Instagram on the Facebook search bar.
  3. Then go to your Apps section, click on Instagram Page App.
  4. Furthermore, after achieving the above process click on the Use Now Button you see on the page.
  5. Next click the caption that reads Add to your Facebook Page.
  6. Select from your page lists which is the exact one you want to add the Instagram tab.
  7. Click on the Add page tab. Therefore, the clicking action will take you to the next page.
  8. After that click on the Configure Page Tab.
  9. Quickly, enter your Instagram login details and then follow the next steps to set up the app.

Note: The process of you access the Instagram app on your Facebook page is totally free. Therefore, you do not need to pay any charges to achieve this process. So, this is just a simple process to add Instagram tab to your Facebook page.