How to hide your zoosk profile account or go invisible on the online zoosk dating website. Therefore, the requirement you need to carry out this process is a feature which users do pay to use. Although, Zoosk is on of the various dating sites that gives user access to browse the dating market for free.

How to Hide Your Zoosk Profile on Online Zoosk Dating Website
How to Hide Your Zoosk Profile on Online Zoosk Dating Website

Furthermore, the Zoosk app offers a “view me” section, where you can see who already view your profile all for free. More so, for some users it is a standard feature, although most users do not know about this. Therefore, no matter how you use the online dating app, you can Go Invisible in various ways.

How to go Invisible on Zoosk or How to Hide Your Zoosk Profile

Go Invisible On Computer

  • Open the online dating app on your PC and scroll down the search page.
  • Then click on Go Invisible button too.
  • After switching the option on the blue icon on top of your account will change to purple.
  • Also, you will have 30 minutes to use this feature. This will however, display a countdown time on your account.

Android App

Precisely, if you are using the Android app to access the dating site  then a coin icon will then appear on the top of your account. More so, you will although see a golden “Z” icon if you are not a subscriber.

  • Therefore, click on the “z” icon.
  • Then it will take you to a page to purchase coins in other to use the invisible option.
  • Furthermore, look through your views you will then find the invisible functionality.

iOS App

Therefore, if you are a member, you will then notice a three star icon on the top of the iOS mobile app. Although, if you do not have a active subscription you will find a golden “Z” icon on your account.

  • Then select the icon you see on the page.
  • It will then take you to a purchase page to buy coins.
  • Therefore, to use this invisible feature you need coins via the app. so click to buy coins.

Basically, in the app area you will see the invisible functions by navigating through your views on your mobile phone.


Particularly, you will need to login to zoosk app and modify your display name in the settings section. More so, this is essential in other to hide your zoosk profile and membership status.

Therefore, just click the edit option or choose to deactivate your account on your PC, smartphone or tablet device. more so, you will see a drop-down menu with many options to change your profile.


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