How to Download Likee Videos Free & Download Likee App

Do you know how to download Likee videos free? I bet you don’t . Most Likee users using the Likee App do not have the idea on how to download Likee videos. Basically, this is one of the painful parts online.

Whereby you like a particular video but cannot download it so that you can view it again. Therefore, it is very intense when you do not even know the person that uploaded the video file.

How to Download Likee Videos Free & Download Likee App

Furthermore, on the Likee app the platform allows its users to view videos and pictures from other users and download them as well. More so, users that wants to download the videos do so through the video link.  On this article I am going to be showing you how you can easily download any Likee video to your device at any time.

How to Download Likee Videos Free

  1. Right click on the video you want to download
  2. Copy the video link.
  3. Go to
  4. Paste the click on the search bar you see and search.
  5. The video will then appear for you to download. Click on the download button.

New Likee Features

Basically, these features are very common to users on the platform and other viewers also. In as much as you have seen the Likee app then you most have seen some of the features.

  • Likee Filters: There are exclusive filters and stickers you can find on Likee and also video filters too.
  • Featured Tools: This tool help in locating any background music which in turn makes the video very lively while watching it.
  • Short Video Clips: You however have the ability to watch and as well create a short video clip which is not more than a minute.
  • Friendly Interface: The Likee app or website has a very nice interface which is easy for users to explore.
  • Personalize Username: All users have the ability to choose and create their own special username by themselves.
  • Free Video Viewing: Users can explore the video of other users and view them just at the Likee first page. Therefore, by posting an interesting video you can go very popular.
  • Meet New People: On the app you can meet new people not just from your location but from different parts of the world.
  • Standard Security: There is a top three level security encryption on your account and privacy recognition too.
  • Login and Logout: Users can easily log in to their account and as well log out when they are doe on the platform.

Likee App vs Tik tok App – How to Download Likee Videos Free

Most users online do equate the Likee app to the Tik-tok app. However, the both apps have the same functions but very different mode of service. Also, the two app has different features they offer to their users.

More so, if you have the Likee app it does not mean you can access the Tik tok app from it. Therefore, the two apps are very different only that they have some similarities.

How to Get Likee App – Download Likee App

To get the Likee app is very easy and any online users with a smart mobile device can download the app on their device.  Also, this applies to the Tik tok app as well. Therefore, to download the app follow the step below.

  • Click on the Google play store app on your device. The for iOS device users you can access your Apple store.
  • When the App store opens, click on the search bar and type in the search term Likee app and search.
  • The Likee app will then come up. Scroll down to locate the download caption and click on it.

The app will then download to your device immediately provided you have a good internet connection. Also, you must have enough storage space to install the app.



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