This guide will explain to you the different ways How to Delete Photos on Facebook account or timeline. Therefore, I will describe the best ways for you to completely remove a picture or album that you have posted. Basically, when through with the process, these pictures will never again show up in your timeline or album. Also, the photos will no more be linked to your FB account anymore.

How to Delete Photos on Facebook - Facebook Photos and Profile Pictures
How to Delete Photos on Facebook – Facebook Photos and Profile Pictures

So if you have some time ago post a photo that you think you do not want people to see then you need to take this step to delete it. However, some users do post a wrong photo on their Facebook account and will want to remove it then you also use this guide. Relatively, speaking posting of photos or updating your Facebook Profile picture is one interesting activity on FB.  So, with no time wasting let us see how to remove photos on your Facebook account.

How to Remove Photos From Facebook

  • Therefore, to remove a photo you have you personally posted on Facebook, first go straight to your photo section.
  • Then navigate your way to the photo you would like to delete.
  • Furthermore, alight on the particular photo.
  • In the menu bar displaying on your screen simply click on Alternatives.
  • Next click on Remove This Photo.

After accessing all the above processes then click on the Confirm button. This will then remove the particular picture which you do not want to be live on Facebook.

How to Delete Photos From Facebook 

Basically, you can remove your Facebook profile picture using the above procedure. This process is very easy and you can complete it in few minutes.

  1. Make your way straight to your Facebook account settings.
  2. Then click on your Facebook Profile Picture.
  3. Furthermore, click on the Options caption.
  4. Lastly, click on Delete the Image.

Remove Photo Album on Facebook

Therefore to delete or remove a whole photo album on Facebook, most likely to the Photos

  • Click on the Album.
  • Choose the album you wish to remove.
  • Then click in the gear icon showed on top-right corner.
  • Select Remove Cd.

After you are through the album you select will disappear from your file of photos.