How to Create Your Own Free Online Store  – Online Store Builder

People normally think starting their own online store is very difficult. However, some do wish to start one but do not know how to create your own free Online Store. Therefore in this article I am going to be showing you step by step process on how to create your own free online store.

How to Create Your Own Free Online Store  - Online Store Builder
How to Create Your Own Free Online Store  – Online Store Builder

Particularly, the web is a very unique place where you can do visually everything. Furthermore, one can do things like buying and selling, entertainment, education, information, communication and so on.

More so one integral pact of the web is the fact that it aid easy and fast business. Therefore, business owners do not need to stress themselves in conducting their business.

Basically, let us go back to our online store creation process in respect to improving your business activities. However, if you know how to create your own online store, it will save you a lot more than just transacting a face to face business. Therefore to start the creation process you must need to follow these steps below.

Step by Step on How to Create Your Own Online Store – WooCommerce Shop

Step 1

You Will Have to First Choose a Domain Name and a Hosting Account

Therefore the first step is to set up a WooCommerce shop. Particularly, this is choosing a hosting account that will serve as a host to all your website files.

More so, one recommendation I will give to you as a starter is the Bluehost hosting account. Judging from experience it is a very reliable, easy and secure hosting platform to use. Also, they offer a one click start for WordPress install buttons.

Furthermore, the Bluehost Company gives a nice monthly service that integrates well with WordPress and WooCommerce. Therefore the users do not need to stress his or her self in doing anything. However, to start with this process first,

  • Visit the main Bluehost page which will explain the whole integration process.
  • Click the Get Started Now caption button to begin the process.
  • Therefore, you will have to choose the package you want Bluehost to render to you.

Note: The WooCommerce package allows users to get a hosting, a 100GB of website space, positive SSL ecommerce security and much other stuff.

Step 2

Start Adding Product to Your Shopify Store

Particularly, the back end of your Shopify store platform gives you a step by step analysis on how to set up your store completely. Basically, the first button on‎ will ask you to add a product to your catalogue. However, this add up page is as similar to what you will see on WordPress. Also, the user will need to fill in details such as

  • Title
  • Product Description
  • Vendor and
  • Price

Therefore, you can play around the process by completing whatever product page you wish. Also, you just have to save all the processes after completion

Step 3

You Have to Customize the Look of Your Website

Here, the user will have to make some customization touches to make his or her website look beautiful and standard. Therefore, the user will have to go to the main dashboard on the back-end and select the customize button. On this part, you can customize from your logos, change colors and designs.

Therefore, there is lot trickery on this part but if you focus more on the link asking you to visit the main theme store on the Hosting. However, there are some free themes on the platform already saved for users. Furthermore, users can seize the opportunity of choosing form a whole lot of themes on Shopify.

Basically, one additional tip for you is using Wix to build your website. Particularly is one of the best eCommerce website builder for beginners.

Step 4

Domain Setup – How to Create Your Own Free Online Store

Particularly, after the user has successfully finished choosing his or her theme and template designs, its then time for you to pick a domain name, this will make your website live and fully official.

  • Go straight to your dashboard, and then click Add a Domain.
  • Choose whether to Transfer a Domain or Register for a new one.
  • Pick the exact Domain you want i.e. ( and follow the steps on how to make a purchase.
  • Also, you need to specify the Shopify payment plan you will want to use.

Therefore, after completing all the processes and successfully activation, you can then visit the particular domain name to view your website or online store.

Step 5

Activation of Your Payment Processor

Therefore, to choose or activate your payment you will need to first go to your main dashboard and select payments. Particularly, this area allows you to select from a variety of payment processors such as

Also, the Shopify platform has its own payment processor system. Therefore, using the Shopify payment system is very easy. Therefore, users just need to walk through the payment process to activate their payment processor. Besides, what this does for you is that it enables you to receive payments and as well put the payments in an account.

Finally, after going through all these process and activation you can then hit the Launch Website button to make your online store live. Congrats as you are the owner of a full functional online Shopify store.


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