For a long time now so many online users in Nigeria has been asking questions in regards on how to create PayPal account in Nigeria. Well, most people do ask does PayPal works in Nigeria? Yes, it does work in Nigeria and you can easily know how to create PayPal account in Nigeria that works perfectly well.

How to Create PayPal Account in Nigeria - PayPal Sign up
How to Create PayPal Account in Nigeria – PayPal Sign up

PayPal being the most trusted, easy and fast way of making online payments all over the world is in Nigeria. the world and its services are top class. How to create PayPal account in Nigeria is something anyone living in the country can do right now.

Over the years PayPal have shut out Nigerians from using the PayPal platform. Therefore, this is because there have been so many issues of internet fraud activities in the country. But thanks to the Nigerian government and the internet fraud security agency for implementing majors to clean the system. However, with the improve state of internet security in Nigeria the ban on Nigeria on using PayPal is lifted. Therefore, this is to say you can create and manage your PayPal account in Nigeria.

How to Create PayPal Account in Nigeria – PayPal Account Sign up

Basically, you can access PayPal sign up in Nigeria and as well use your account for transactions. Also, you can make payments with it and as well receive payment too. Now, lets look at how you can register for a PayPal account in Nigeria.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to visit the main PayPal website More so, you can access it with your mobile phone or laptop system.
  2. Then click on the sign up caption
  3. Choose either personal PayPal account or Business PayPal account. Basically, these are the two types of PayPal account you can register for.
  4. Select Personal PayPal account and then click on the continue caption. Therefore, on the drop down menu you will see Nigeria
  5. Input your email address and password to continue the process. Note that the email address can be from any email provider.
  6. Craft out a secure password you can always remember.
  7. Then to straight to the next page where you will fill in other personal details like date of birth, names, home address and mobile number. Furthermore, make sure your home address is the same with the one you use in opening your bank account.

PayPal Sign up with Bank Details – PayPal Account

This is the continuation of your PayPal account registration. Therefore, see below to complete your registration process.

  1. Next, you will have to fill in your debit card details.
  2. Input your card number, the expiry date and the cvv number at the back of your debit card.
  3. To verify your account, go to your email account and click on the verify caption in the message sent to you.
  4. After clicking on verify your PayPal account is set up and will work perfectly well.

Furthermore, to test if your PayPal account is functioning you can send a small amount to someone account. More so, if the transaction is successful you will get a debit alert in Naira from your local bank. Also, you can as well receive payment on the account.

Note: There are some restrictions to the account as per the amount you can send and receive. This is about $500 and this means you cannot send and receive payments above this amount on any transaction.