How to Copy and Paste a Facebook Post – Copy & Paste With iPhone and Android

How to copy and paste a Facebook Post: Facebook gives right to individuals to reach with family, coworkers as well as friends both new and old. However, users can send out messages to friends as well as post various events. Also, users can share status updates and comment on their friends wall surfaces.

How to Copy and Paste a Facebook Post - Copy & Paste With iPhone and Android
How to Copy and Paste a Facebook Post – Copy & Paste With iPhone and Android

Therefore, just like Windows operating system integrated copy-and-paste feature on computer systems so as the Facebook services. Furthermore, users of Facebook can copy favorite or essential text and simply paste it right into their profile page. More so, they can do this on a friend account page.

Copy and Paste On Facebook

To copy and paste on Fbook and use this feature rightly just follow the below procedure to achieve this.

  • Firstly, visit to your account at
  • Then click or highlight the text you wish to copy.
  • Simply press the key “Ctrl C” simultaneously to copy the text.
  • Furthermore, click inside the area you want to put the text.
  • Press ”Ctrl V” to paste the text in the place you want

Copy & Paste Text on Facebook App with iPhone

  • Copy & Paste on Facebook App and utilize Facebook Messenger.
  • Then open your Facebook App on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Choose the post which you want to share out.
  • You will then see three choices below which are like, comment and share, just below the post.
  • Therefore, click on the “Share” icon.
  • Following that, click on “copy Link to post“.
  • Then head on to open your Facebook Messenger app. Select any conversation spot.
  • Simply paste the web link, you copy from Facebook app by holding down the space, then click Paste.

Furthermore, you can open up the link in your messenger, presently you can simply copy text from there. Then after coping text, you could as well paste it on your wall from Facebook app or any other platform.

This is a unique technique of duplicating and as well paste text from your Facebook application with your iPhone. Therefore, you can do this without accessing your internet browser.

Particularly, the share option that is active on iPhone Facebook App, is still in process to show up on the android Facebook application hopefully we will see it in the next coming updates.

How to Copy and Paste a Facebook Post with iPhone

Because of the recent update, previous implementation could not work perfectly or work easily without doing anything. However, here you will see otherĀ  ways to copy and paste texts from Facebook apps. Below is an simple tips to achieve this process.

  • The first thing you need to do is to screenshot the text from FB application display.
  • Furthermore, download and install any type of OCR app (optical character reader). Therefore you can download it from play store or iTunes.
  • After installing it, open the screenshot in OCR app. Basically, the application will simply read the all messages from your photo. Also, it will then process it right into editable format. Furthermore, copy the text and paste it anywhere you want.

Basically, both iPhone and as well Android phone users can actually use this method to copy and paste any content they want to from their device.