How To Change Page Name On Facebook – Facebook Business Page Name Change

How to change page name on Facebook and also, Facebook business page name change: gives to its users the chance to edit anything they want on their Facebook profile. More so, every FB user is given the access to own his or her personal business page . This is a gateway they use to reach out to their customers and targeted audience.

How To Change Page Name On Facebook - Facebook Business Page Name Change
How To Change Page Name On Facebook – Facebook Business Page Name Change

Apart from getting to meet their audience, the feature prides a means through which users on a regular basis can contact their service providers. Therefore, form this action one can receive first-hand information. Also, you can set your Facebook business page to work a certain way you want.

Facebook Business Page Name Change

Particularly, Facebook Business Page is said to be one of the better ways for buyers to have a smooth customer service relationship. This promote a mutual understating with you and your customers. Furthermore, as you make use of Facebook platform daily, you can edit your personal profile as well as your business profile. This means, you can easily change your name, and you will have the access to change these below list too.

  1. Education Status.
  2. Place of work.
  3. Mobile number
  4. Relationship status
  5. Profile Picture.
  6. Cover Picture.
  7. Residence.
  8. Email address and information on your profile page too.

Particularly, on your business page on Facebook, you are given access to edit anything you want. Therefore, when it comes to editing your name on your Fbook profile, this will take a period of 30 days before you can implement another change of name again. However, for Facebook page this just takes a period of 7 days.

How To Change Page Name On Facebook

Basically, from the above section, you now understand all about Facebook policies to aid a name change. Therefore, it is also very important for you to go through Facebook name change instructions for you not to violate any of their policies.
More so, follow the steps below in other to implement a Facebook name change.

  • Firstly, access your way straight to your Facebook page.
  • Move to to the left hand side of your page and click “About
  • Next, click “Edit” which is next to your page name.
  • Furthermore, put in the new name you want to use and click “Continue
  • Lastly, just click on “Request Change” after reviewing your name change request to see if it is correct.

NOTE: The process is simple and the same for mobile and desktop users. This means you can use this process to change the name of your FB page as well. This also applies to the Facebook mobile app.

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