Learn how to change your Facebook Password on phone. Particularly, changing Facebook password is very easy and can be done as fast as possible on your mobile device or PC.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a way to change your password on Facebook, then this is the best and easiest guidelines to follow for android and iOS users to achieve the process. Also, the guidelines on this article will show you the way with for you to change your old Facebook password to a new one.

How to Change Facebook Password on Phone and Desktop
How to Change Facebook Password on Phone and Desktop

More so, changing your Facebook password gives you a strong authenticity to your Facebook account. Therefore, if you have forgotten your Facebook password, you will be able to access the log in to Facebook portal again.

Basically, you can access this process via Facebook sending you a security code by SMS to your mobile device or through your email address. Therefore, any way you choose you will get your code. More so, this will provide an alternative access to your account.

How Do I Change My Old Facebook Password

This is how to change your old Facebook password on Facebook.com using a computer or mobile device. Therefore, to access this follow the process below.

  • Firstly, log into Facebook account that you want to change the password.
  • Furthermore, when you are logged into the Facebook account, click on the arrow like icon facing down at the top right Conner of your Facebook page.
  • Therefore, a drop-down menu will come up, then click on settings. More so, in the settings’ dialog box, click on security and login caption.
  • Select and click on the Login option, and then proceed and click on change password option that pops up.
  • Right on the menu section, input your old Facebook password in the appropriate space, and add the new password you want in the second column. remember to make the new Facebook password to be as strong as possible.

After getting through all the process, then click on the save button to save the new password. Also, make sure that you write down the new password in a place you can easily remember and access, in case you forget it.

Also, make sure your new Facebook password highly secure with upper case letters and symbols. In this way it will be hard for hackers to crack down your password. This is in regards to the high rate of scammers and hackers disturbing the social media world.

How to Change Facebook Password on Phone and Desktop

  1. Tap the Menu icon caption on the top right corner of your mobile or PC screen.
  2. Then scroll down and hit the Settings & Privacy caption, then tap Settings.
  3. Furthermore, click on Security and Login, then tap on Change Password.
  4. Input your old password first and the new password and re-type new password, then tap Save Changes.
However, if you’re logged in but have forgotten your password, Then follow the steps under the login page that says Change Your Password then hit on Forgot your password? and follow the steps to reset Facebook password.

Therefore, this is how to change your password on Facebook. I hope this article helps you in changing your Facebook password and you can as well drop your comment on the section below.