How to Activate Facebook Dating and Find Your Perfect Match Online

How to Activate Facebook Dating, Facebook online Dating is a matchmaking service available on the Facebook app. Though, users activate Facebook dating through your existing Facebook account. Dating online is an opt-in experience on Fbook with a separate Facebook dating profile and chat system. Therefore, your Facebook Dating profile and chats are not visible to your normal Facebook friends. Also, the Dating will not suggest your Facebook friends as matches.

How to Activate Facebook Dating and Find Your Perfect Match Online
How to Activate Facebook Dating and Find Your Perfect Match Online

Basically, Perfect Matches are suggested on the basis of your preferences, interests and activities you carry out on Facebook. Examples are, the Groups you join and the Events you attend or kind of post you engage with. The dating site aims to the work out of creating a dating profile. Also, it gives a more authentic look at who someone is and what they do.

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Therefore, before you can enable Facebook Dating app free, you must first set up a Facebook account. Since the dating feature picks information data from your regular profile to give you a profaned experience. Furthermore, you should try to fill out as much details as possible. Users should know that there is no separate Facebook Dating app or Facebook Dating website.  However, the feature is integrated into the Facebook mobile app and PC as well.

More so, photos and other content you share via Facebook dating site with Facebook secret crush cannot appear on your normal Facebook account timeline. Furthermore, chats on Facebook Dating are as well kept separate from your Facebook Messenger chat. More so, if you become Facebook friends with someone after matching with them on Facebook, you can as well see their dating profile.

Facebook Dating Review

Facebook Dating is a feature. More so, the icon sits on a tab on your Facebook homepage main menu on mobile and PC. After setting up your profile, Facebook will then ask you to indicate your gender. As well as the gender of the people you’re interested in.

Siting from a preview shared by Facebook, the likely options are

  • Cis woman
  • Trans woman
  • Cis man
  • Trans man
  • Non-binary person.

Basically, Facebook will not share your gender identity with potential matches. More so, you can express interest in everyone, either “women,” “men,” “trans women,” or “trans men. Also, you can fill in details of yourself like

  • Height
  • Religion
  • Hobbies
  • Job title, Place of work
  • School you attend
  • Also, if you have children or not

Facebook is however diving into a crowded online dating market in the US. But the company also has a huge advantages pointing in favor of the dating platform. Basically, it is already a unique player on online dating, since many competitors use its API to power their own dating apps.

Therefore, the company says it has no pending plans to withdraw off data access to apps like Plenty of fish, Bumble and Tinder. However, they do rely on Facebook to connect their users information. Particularly info’s like whether a match has friends in common or not.

fb dating app as well uses other parts of the social media network apps which Tinder cannot access. Therefore, users can unlock any Facebook event they invite you to. More especially, Facebook dating groups you’re in and it will start matching you with people who also opted in the service. This is to find potential dates on the guest list or online dating membership.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

Here is how to activate Facebook dating on your phone or PC. Therefore, to started using Facebook dating messenger follow these steps you see below:

  1. Firstly, open the Facebook app and tap the Three horizontal menu icon in the top-right of your Facebook feed.
  2. Scroll down to find the dating feature.
  3. Furthermore, Tap on Dating.
  4. Then easily follow the prompts to set up your dating profile by filling out details of yourself.

Therefore, click to share your location and choose a photo of yourself. After this process your dating profile will then be created using your information from your Facebook account. More so, you can as well customize your Facebook dating profile by adding more detail information, like photos, Instagram post and Twitter too. After completing your profile setup Tap Done when you’re through.

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