Housekeeping Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – APPLY NOW

Housekeeping jobs in USA with visa sponsorship is a good and very high paying job right now for both foreigners and non immigrant. Basically, to get this job is practically easy and it does not require any form of certification for you to apply for it as well.

Do you want to travel to USA in search of a good and easy to get job? are you wanting to work as an housekeeper in America and as well getting a free visa? Here on the article we are going to show you how.

Housekeeping Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Basically, a housekeeper job in USA with visa sponsorships is a good job for you to get. However, we all know that there are many Africans and Asians that are leaving their home country and migrating to the US. More so, most of them do this without any expenses because they have a sponsorship offer.

Therefore, getting a job in USA as a foreigner is pretty easy only if you search for easy to find jobs. This is where most migrants got it wrong because they are looking for jobs that will require them to posses some level of certification.

Who is a Housekeeper?

Precisely, a housekeepers is a person that supervises house cleaning activities. More so, they as well carry out different light cleaning duties to keep a private household or office space, hotels, hospitals and sometimes airports/train stations clean.

Housekeepers Salary in USA

Basically, the salary of a housekeeper in USA can differ based on different factors. These factors includes experience, your location, and most importantly the employer you are working with. More so, the medium wage you can receiver per hour as a housekeeper is $15 – $20. Then you can earn about $30,240 – $40,320 per year working as a housekeeper in USA.

Caregiver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – APPLY NOW


Salaries Ranges of Different Jobs in USA

Responsibilities of the Housekeeper in USA

  • Walk on all assigned floors at beginning and end of every shift. Ensure to remove newspapers and as well service trays. Also, do well to empty trash cans.
  • Also, remove trash and linens and note any place that needs quick cleaning.
  • Clean all public areas in the standard manner while adhering to safety and security procedures. Clean areas like hallways, elevators, service areas, stairwells, etc.
  • Ensure to remove soiled linen, terry and trash from all service areas. Therefore relocate them to the appropriate locations in the right manner.
  • Adequate section of housekeepers as needed (this includes bed boards, roll-ways, etc.).
  • Always ensure stock linen and supply closets to ensure par inventories.
  • Swiftly, report any missing or found articles. More so, damage or merchandise problems to your senior housekeeper or supervisor.
  • Speedy respond to guest requests and questions. Also, satisfy guests issues and complaints in a hospitable manner to make them happy.

How to Apply for Housekeeping Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

One of the most important part of this article is to learn How to apply for Housekeeping jobs as an anticipating immigrant. Well, the fun part of this is that you will be getting a job and a free visa as well.

However, this will be possible when you have applied for a job and have gotten a job offer in your name from any company. Therefore, to apply for a visa you have to follow the steps below for easy access.

  • Firstly, make sure you are qualified for the job.
  • Then set up an organized CV and a good cover application letter digitally.
  • Therefore, you can use any online platform such as LinkedIn,or go to, and other online job platforms to search for job in this field in the US.
  • After you are through with this, you will have to wait for the employer to access your documents. So, if they find you qualified for the job, they wail then send you a job offer.
  • Furthermore, the employer will have to make a job petition to the USICS and US labor market institute for certification.

Next, the company will then apply for a visa sponsorship with the job offer letter sent to you in your name.

H1B Work Visa Sponsorship for Housekeeping Jobs

If you are a foreigner seeking a job in the United States of America. Then you have to try getting an H1B or 1B visa. Well, you will need to get H1B visa using the following steps below.

  • Basically, if you are thinking of getting an H1B visa, the first thing to do is to first, craft a good CV and make an online written job application cover letter that US employers cover letter style.
  • Then, go online to search for a suitable job offer on your refereed field you want.
  • Apply for it online using websites like and wait for a reply from the company you applied to. Hopefully, your application will be accepted and they will call you for an online interview.
  • More so, if they consider you for the job, your employer will have to review the job description. This is to ensure it qualifies you as a specialty in that field.
  • Next, you have to determine the rate of pay for the position. Therefore, you will have to negotiate this with your supposed employer.
  • Furthermore, when you are through with all these, your employer will notify the US workforce of your application and employment.

Lastly, the company (the employer) will submit a labor condition application letter to the DOL department in the US for certification. Furthermore, the said state will then make a petition to the US embassy for Visa. after this congratulations your have a job in USA with visa sponsorship.

HouseKeeping Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Housekeeper/Residential Cleaner

Company – Cleanzen Cleaning Services

Chicago, IL

Jobs has Flexible Schedule with Tips

$1,000 – $1,400 a week

Job Time – Full-time, Part-time, Contract


For Residential Cleaner

PAY: $25 – $35

Location: Chicago, IL

Shift: Day time, Afternoon Typically 8-6 pm

Job Time – Part Time or Full Time, if desired.

Working Tips

  • You will be ready to make a difference in the live of people.
  • Always getting rewards for your hard work (Up to $1400 per Week)
  • Someone that enjoys a flexible work-life balance.
  • Creating a working space with happy customers in Chicago, and accepting tips!
  • Willing to have a flexible schedule that works for you.
  • Getting online + phone sales. Therefore, the company brings you close sales as job offers to you.
  • Paid advertising + marketing + word-of-mouth referrals.

These are some reasons the cleaners LOVE working with us for years and the company will be glad for you to be part.


  • Ensure to clean residential houses of client, Airbnb, Vacation rental homes, and stage area homes.
  • Also, clean kitchen, living area, dining room. More so, dusting, mopping, sweeping, etc.
  • Carryout an assessment prior to cleaning to meet the client’s expectation
  • Must be able to work independently and work smart too.


  • You must have Paid Residential Cleaning Experience especially in Chicago
  • Regular Transportation aid.
  • Able to source for cleaning Supplies & Equipment
  • Smart Phone either Android or iOS.

If you like to work with a 5 Star Cleaning Service then you should definitely checkout this one.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time and Contract

Salary – $1,000 – $1,400 per week

Other Benefits

You will get a Flexible schedule

Schedule Time:

8 hour shift

Monday to Friday

Supplemental pay types: Tips


PM Housekeeping

Company – Hotel Indigo Denver

Address : 1801 Wewatta St, Denver Colorado.

Salary – $17 per hour

Position Type: Regular Full-Time

Property : Hotel Indigo Denver

Category: Housekeeping & Laundry

Job Overview

Candidate will clean and maintain all corridors and public areas. This is in accordance with all housekeeping rules and procedures and standards. Also, compiling to safety and security rules and regulations to ensure your client satisfaction.

HouseKeeping Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship - APPLY NOW

Housekeeper Qualifications

Education and Formal Training

You do not need any formal education. Therefore, you do not need any experience to start working  on this job.

Housekeeper Knowledge/Skills

  • Posses a self-starting personality with adequate disposition.
  • Having the ability to meet standards of appearance.
  • Also, posses the ability to communicate with guests properly. This includes housekeepers/main linen room attendant and supervisor.
  • Able to access guest reactions to meet standards.

Job Physical Demands

  1. Pushing vacuum through the entire length of hallway. Also, carrying supplies from department to exact floor. Carrying dirty linen to laundry room and removing room service trays, as well as carrying dirty dishes to service areas.
  2. Bending and kneeling: dusting requires bending and kneeling to reach all areas. This is because guest do place room service tray on the floor for pick up. However, bending is required to pickup dirty dishes.
  3. Mobility: Carrying out movement to reach all areas of responsibility which include: shelves, windows, ledges, pipes, under and around furniture areas.
  4. Continuous standing: Continuously standing or walking to accomplish all your task for each position.
  5. Climbing stairs: Approximately, you can climb up to 40 steps 15% of 40 hour per week.

Benefits for the Housekeeper

  • Employee Referral Program from $500 to $1000 Bonus this depends on your position.
  • Also, get free RTD pass
  • Eligible for discount Rates at Sage Hotels and SRG Restaurants.
  • Medical, Dental and as well Vision for full time associates.
  • 401K for all new hires

Position Type: Regular Full-Time

Property : Hotel Indigo Denver

Category: Housekeeping & Laundry

These are some few jobs that are available right now. Please stay on this page for more update coming up………….


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