Are you having difficulty logging in your Hotmail account, well what I have to share with you today is about Hotmail login account? In this article, I will be discussing Hotmail for I know that not everyone knows about it up till now. After discussing Hotmail, lets move on to the account login and then to how we can create an account if you are not having access before.

Hotmail Login Account - Outlook Account Sign up | Microsoft Outlook Sign in | Hotmail App Download
Hotmail Login Account – Outlook Account Sign up | Microsoft Outlook Sign in | Hotmail App Download

The header is just talking about the login aspect, not the sign-up aspect. You all will agree with me that logging in your Hotmail account only means that you already have an account with them right. Ok, now there are people that have not heard anything about this platform before all they know about is Gmail and yahoo mail. Not knowing that there is also another mailing platform called Hotmail. Hotmail is a platform for web-based suite known for webmail that offers contacts service, tasks, and also a calendaring service through the Microsoft platform.

This webmail service known as Hotmail was founded in the year 1996 and the founders of this platform are Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Therefore, these are the two people that founded this webmail platform. It was founded in a place called California and its headquarters is located in Sunnyvale and it is in the mountain view. Now, let talk about the login part.

How to Login My Hotmail Account – Microsoft Outlook Sign in

To login to your Hotmail account, you have to, first of all, visit their website by accessing your web browser on your device or you can make use of their app.

  • Go to on the browser and don’t be surprised if the website name changes to outlook. The name Hotmail is the first name given to the platform when it was founded in 1996 but later changed to outlook. So, whenever you see outlook, know that is talking about Hotmail.
  • After visiting the website, login button at the top of the page and;
  • Enter your email and your password then click login or sign in.

These are the steps to log in to your Hotmail account. However, to create an account for the first time, what I am saying now is for those that do not have an account with them before. You can read the paragraph below to know how to create an account with them.

How to Sign Up – Outlook Account Sign up

To sign up, follow the guidelines below to sign up.

  • In your browser, visit or
  • Then click on the link to create a free account.
  • Enter your email and click next.
  • Then create a password and then hit the next button.
  • Enter your names, select your country and also your date of birth and tap the next button once more.

After doing all of that, they will send you a code to your email inbox, use the code to verify your account. After the verification process, they will activate your account immediately and you can start using it. Note; I mentioned that the Hotmail platform is a Microsoft service which means that if you have a Microsoft account.

Also, this imply you already have the Hotmail account. So, you just have to sign in your Microsoft account on Hotmail instead of creating a new one. Also know that when creating a Hotmail account, you are also creating a Microsoft account both go together.

Hotmail App Download

Also, know that this platform also has an app. Therefore, this app is a mobile app that which you can use on mobile phones. For example smartphones like Android phones and iPhones devices. The app can do whatever the Hotmail website does, you can access all kinds of services that the website has.

The app is just to console mobile phone users so that they won’t be left out of the platform. To download the app, you just have to access your mobile phone app store to search for the app using the search box on it.

Furthermore, you will be able to find the app ones after searching for it. Basically, click on the app, with the blue color  that has Microsoft writing attach to it. Therefore, after clicking on the app, hit the install or download button on the screen. Also, you can sign up or sign in your Hotmail account through the app without visiting their website.