The Hotmail email sign in as its sounds is all about a Hotmail user or an outlook mail user having the access to log in to their Hotmail account. Therefore, this process is successfully achieved with the user using their login details to access the mail platform. However, this login details are your email address and your mail personal password.

Hotmail Email Sign in - Outlook Sign in Email | login
Hotmail Email Sign in – Outlook Sign in Email | login

However, when most users hear about the Hotmail service and the outlook mail, they are a bit confuse. Furthermore, some online users do think this mail services are different form each other but its not so. Although, I will not dispute the fact that the Hotmail service is different form the outlook mail until outlook mail acquire Hotmail services. Therefore, right now the Hotmail service platform is the same as the outlook mail.

Particularly, Hotmail Outlook is the same mail service platform so you should not be confused when you lunch the Hotmail website and it redirects you to the outlook mail. Specifically, lets fall back to the main topic of our discussion which is the Hotmail email sign in. Therefore, let us look at the requirements to access this mail platform and how will can login without any issues.

Hotmail Login Requirements – Outlook Sign in Email

There are some few things any Hotmail user that wants to access the Hotmail platform most have in other to login to their account.

  • One of the requirements details is your Hotmail email address or Skype ID. Also, there is still an option for users to use their mobile number they use in registering for the Hotmail outlook account.
  • The other thing you most have is your password you will use to login to your account.

However, this detail are still the same details you filled out while you were signing up for your Hotmail account. Therefore, if you input this login details correctly you will be given access to your account.

How to Login to Your Hotmail Account – Mail Online

Basically, to access or login to your Hotmail account form your computer system via your web browser. Also, you can as well access the login process from your mobile phone as well.

  • Go straight to the Hotmail login page on Therefore, this will redirect you to the outlook mail webpage.
  • Locate the sign in caption on the main page and click on it.
  • You will then see a small form page to fill in your login details. Input your login details correctly.
  • On the first page put in your email address or your mobile number and click on next.
  • The next page input your password and click on next.

After this you can then access your Hotmail account and view your messages and as well send out mail online.

Hotmail login Problems – How to solve Hotmail Sign in Problems

Most users on the Hotmail platform do have some problems they are facing while using their account. Therefore, one of the major or common issues most users normally face is the Hotmail login problem.

Incorrect Username and Password

  • Always make sure to check your email address you are using to login and your password as well.
  • If you by any means forget your password then you can click the Forget Password caption below. This will take you to the page where you can get help in recovering your password.
  • Particularly, one thing most users fail to take note of is the caps lock button on their PC. However, if the cap lock button is turned then all your password letters will be upper case letters. Therefore, this will make your password incorrect, so always sure your cap lock button is off.

More so, if you are still having some login issues and you are sure all your login details are correct then you change your browser. Better still, you can upgrade it to the latest version or contact outlook customer service.