Hinge is tipped to be one of the world fast growing and active free dating app. More so, the app uses the connection flow of Facebook friends to facilitate connections with users. Furthermore, people have picked on the app has been more attractive to younger folks. Also, you can download the Hinge app for free on the Google play and the App store.

Hinge App - Hinge Login | Hinge Sign up to Hinge Dating App
Hinge App – Hinge Login | Hinge Sign up to Hinge Dating App

Therefore, this is very nice because finding your right match for your profile is very easy using the Hinge app. Also, it is a great app when comparing it to other app like Match.com and eHarmony. Basically the app is also design to be less in terms of superficial operations than Tinder which we all know.

Furthermore, the founder of the Hinge app is Justin McLeod in the year 2012. Particularly, the app uses Tinder like pattern of swiping and also uses the slogan we refers to as the relationship app. Also, there is a feature in the app refer to as Your Turn. Therefore this helps to retain users to keep a chat going; this is very good as it eliminate the issue of ghosting while making a conversation.

Hinge App Review

Precisely, the company release a feature on September 2017 refers to as Matchmaker to reinvent online dating. Particularly, this is for people that miss the craziness of dating apps. However, the match group owns numerous numbers of dating apps such as Tinder app. Tinder made a huge investment to the Hinge Company in early September 2017.

Particularly, on 20th June 2018 the Match group acquired about 51% ownership of the Hinge Company. However, Tinder planned to acquire all the remaining shares within a 12 month period from that same year. Therefore, by the first quarter of 2019 the Match group has gain a 100% ownership of Hinge.

Hinge Sign up with Facebook

Yes it is very possible to sign up on Hinge using your Facebook account. Hinge requirements for members are to authenticate their Hinge account with a phone number via verification. Therefore you can sign up for Hinge with the use of your phone number or Facebook account. Therefore, to this follow this process below.

  • Go to Facebook homepage.
  • Search for Hinge-Home | Facebook this will take you to the Hinge Facebook page.
  • A Facebook Hinge page will open where you will see the option to sign up using Facebook.
  • Click on it and it will connect you straight to hinge
  • Follow the other steps seen to complete your account sign up.

Hinge Login

To login to your Hinge account is very simple just follow the below process.

  1. Firstly, Launch your Hinge dating app.
  2. Then enter your username and password.
  3. Lastly, tap on the Login button you see on your screen.

This will directly take you straight to your account and you can start relating with other users.

Hinge Sign up Using Your Phone Number

This is the first method by which you can sign up on the Hinge dating platform for adult (young folks). However, to go about this sign up follow the steps below.

  • Lunch the website URL hinge.co
  • The first homepage will open. Then you will see a caption bar under to input your mobile number.
  • Click on the next caption to send a download link.

Follow the other steps seen on the page to complete your sign up process.