Google Talk which was also known as Google Chat should not be confused with the current Google Chat app. This app was an instant messaging service that provided both text and voice communication for users. This app then was colloquially known as Gchat, Gtalk or Gmessage among its users. The Google Talk application was available for Microsoft Windows, Android, Blackberry and Chrome OS operating systems. In February 2015 however, the windows client was stopped from working hence referring users to Google Hangouts. PC and desktop users were easily able to migrate to the Google Hangouts website using their Chrome browser software.

Google Talk - How to Download Google Hangouts | Google Talk App
Google Talk – How to Download Google Hangouts | Google Talk App

Google Talk

From this point on in this article, all discussions will be referring to the current Google chat app Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is a communication software that was developed by Google. The platform was originally Google Plus until it became a standalone product in 2013. Google did this by combining and integrating the some of the features from two primary products Google Hangout and Google Chat. Currently, Google talk to me has integrated some of the features of another of their products Google Voice into the Google Hangout app.

Google Talk App Download

You can download and install the Google talk app on your android and iOS devices. This app is currently free to download and free to use. Using this app however calls for a Google account. If you currently do not have a Google account, it is recommended you create one right away. Therefore to create a google account read the next sub heading.

The download process is as simple even more than you imagine and in no time you will be through with the download process. However, this is when you have a good internet connection and your device has its space capacity to accommodate it.

  • to download Google hangout go to your play store on your device.
  • search for Google hangout on the search bar.
  • the app will then load up, click on it.
  • scroll down to locate the download caption and click on it.
  • After clicking the download caption the app will automatically download to your device. Then click to install it.

Create Google Account

if you do not have a Google account and you want to download this app so as to enjoy its services then this section is for you. just follow the steps below to sign up for a Google account.

  1. Go straight to the main sign up page Google account creation page.
  2. Furthermore, enter your name.
  3. More so, in the “Username” field, enter the username you want for your account to carry.
  4. Afterwards, enter and confirm your password which you need to keep secret.
  5. Click Next to proceed
  6. Next you have to verify your mobile phone number with the code sent through text message to your device.
  7. Then click on Verify to complete the process.

How to Download Google Hangouts

Below is a complete guide to download and install the Google Hangouts app on your device. Just in case you are scared that you might get charged, downloading and installing the app is free and you would not be asked to add your credit or debit card information at any step.

  • Get the device you wish to download and install the Google Hangouts app on and turn it on.
  • Make sure the device has been connected to an active source of data connection and open any app store on the device.
  • Making use of the search bar of the app store, search for “Google Hangouts”.
  • Now, tap on the Google Hangouts official app and you would be taken to the app download page.
  • On the app download page, tap on the “Download” or “Get” button and follow the onscreen prompts given to you.

By successfully following the steps above, you should have successfully downloaded and installed the Google Hangouts official app.