Google Pay – How to Download Google Pay App and Online Stores

Google pay is one of those many apps owned by Google. More so, Googlepay is one of the apps on the Google suite. It is one of the contactless ways to make payment by google. It may also be the only accepted form of payment for buy google play games or items on the google play.

Google Pay - How to Download Google Pay App and Online Stores
Google Pay – How to Download Google Pay App and Online Stores

Google pay may as well be one of the most secure ways to make payments online and can be used in any country. Apart from just purchasing items on the google play store or google play enabled games, it can also be used to send money to friends.

What is Google Pay

Particularly, this payment platform is considered a secure way to make payments online because when you make a payment with your phone. Therefore, instead of using your actual credit card number, it uses an encrypted number. More so, this helps to make sure your information is safe.

Basically, with a contactless payment feature like that, you can always checkout faster with the device that’s already in your hands. There are quite a number of online stores that accepts Gpay as a form of payment. Apart from that, Gpay is affiliated with a lot of credit and debit card companies.

Google Synchrony and Android Pay

The payment system is stylized as Gpay and was formerly known as pay with Google and android pay. This actually serves as a digital wallet in which you can use to send and receive money. Of course, you can also use it to make payments online. It is currently accepted in over a thousand online stores.

Google Pay Online Stores 

This might likely come as a shock but Google pay PayPal can be linked to the pay platform as well. More so, some of the online stores that uses Google payment offers are;

  • Dunkindonuts
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Target
  • Nike
  • Best buy
  • Acme
  • American eagle outfitters.
  • Disney store.
  • Cub
  • Food maxx
  • Macy’s, etc.

Therefore, there are a lot of other stores that accepts Googlepay but that’s where we’ll stop. Also, you can get a complete list of all the stores that uses Gpay here.


How to Download Google Pay App

Well, this payment app comes pre-installed on any android device. Like I said before, it is installed with the suite of google apps. However, it is not pre-installed on iOS devices. To download this app on any iOS device, follow the steps below;

  • Open the app store on your iOS device. You can also open the Google Play store if you have it installed.
  • Next, Hit the search bar on the store and make a search for Gpay.
  • You should now be directed to a results page. Click on the result with an icon representing Gpay.
  • Furthermore, on the application page, click on the “install” button.

Wait a few seconds for the app to be downloaded and it would be automatically installed on your device.

Google Pay Website

Therefore, official Gpay website can be accessed at When you visit the website, you would be asked to log in. you can simply do this using your Google pay account. If you already have an account synced to chrome, it should automatically sign you in to that account.




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