Google meet is a video communication platform that is design by Google to met the needs of business owners as well as employees, students to connect together. However, this platform is not only for business but Family members can also use the platform to interact with each other at the same time.

Google Meet - Free Google Video Meetings and How to Use Google Meet
Google Meet – Free Google Video Meetings and How to Use Google Meet

How to Use Google Meet

More so, Google meet is a video platform that you can use in making video calls to specific numbers of people. Therefore, integrates with the G-Suite feature on Google including some Google services like

  • Google calendar
  • Google Slides
  • Gmail Account etc.

Furthermore, you can schedule a meeting with other participants and all calls are secure with an end to end encryption. More so, with Google meet anyone can create a high-quality video and as well join a meeting of 250 participants. This is a very huge feature I most say and one that meets the needs of every organization. Also, the videos have the encryption of a provocative abuse policy to enable a safe meeting standard.

Join Google Meet 

This video conferencing platform is very easy to use as users can easily share an invite link to other guest to join the conference meeting. Therefore, this process is possible with just a click via your mobile phone or computer system.

Also, with the platform you can share documents files, slides and other office stuffs. This platform is commonly used by business organizations and students to pass information across each other. More so, you can as well dial in phone numbers as conference call with other users. The use of the dial section in the app is only available to G-suite enterprise customers alone.

How to Use Google Meet

Basically, if you are using the Google feature which is Gmail then you can access the platform at a go. Therefore, the only thing you need to do is to sign up for a Google meet free version.  Furthermore, the process will need some personal information from you to input in the Google calendar. However, this essential for business, governmental use as well as education too. Below are the steps to use this platform.

  1. Head straight to then open the app.
  2. Right at the homepage click the start new meeting with a meeting link.
  3. Furthermore, choose a Google account you want to use then click on join meeting.
  4. At the same page you have the ability to add other users to your meeting as well.

Google Conference Call

The Google conference call is a feature that users use to make group calls with friends and business partners. Also, this feature is available to all Google users who posses the Gmail account. However, some Google users do not know that they can access this feature via their account.

Furthermore, this Google video communication feature directly competes with the Zoom video application. Therefore, there are some similarities between both and differences as well. More so, for you to do more advance activities on Google meet you will need to pay for a G-suit account to begin calls.

How to Download Google Meet

The application is readily available for download on the app store as well as the Google play store too. Precisely, you do not need to pay or subscribe to download and stat using this Google service. To download the app, follow the below steps.

  • Lunch the Play store on your device app
  • Type in the search term Google meet and search with the keyword.
  • It will then bring the app for you to download. Therefore, click on the download caption you see below.
  • The app will then download to your device. Lunch the app and install it.

After installing the app, you can then use it on your device anytime you like. Also, you will have to do some setup to make our profile fit for use. You can as well access the platform straight from your browser on your mobile phone or PC without downloading the app.