Do you have a business that runs nationwide? Do you provide goods and services to a local population? If yes, are you on the online local business listing? If no, this your time to come online. Therefore, you can become visible in the internet world. More so, that your customers can get to know your location using the Google local business account on Google map.

Google Local Business - Add Your Business to Google Map | Google My Business
Google Local Business – Add Your Business to Google Map | Google My Business

Furthermore, Google local business is a feature that gives its users the authority to provide information about their Google business location. Also, products and services online to their customers. However, it does not matter how large or small your business may be, or how many branches it has, you can still have a Google local business account.

Benefits of Google My Business Account – Google Map

Having a local business account, you have a lot of things to benefit. Google has been a popular search engine brings users from around the world, so even your business been a local one can turn international. That is a big one, right? There is more to that:

  • It guides customers to your business location via the Google map.
  • It absolutely free
  • It brings about strong relationship between you and customers.
  • You get to have business insights on how many customers search for your business, their views and actions.
  • You can use the Google analytic tool to know the statistics of your website and audience.
  • You can post photos, hours at which you operate your location and more.

How to Create a Google Local Business Account – Google Places

Basically, creating an account on Google places your business to the limelight. However, it helps in pushing your business to the next level. Also, is something that won’t take much of your time at all. All you have to do is follow these steps below:

  • Go to
  • Click on “start now”
  • Enter your personal business name and address in the search box.
  • Therefore, if none of them matches your business, click on “none of these matches, add your business”
  • Fill the necessary information provided.
  • Click on “submit”
  • Click on “mail me my code” so that you can be verified

Finally, congrats, you have finished creating an account for your local business making you visible in the online world.