Gmail sign in account: On this article is a full guide on log into Gmail account in 2021. Google mail has really made a whole lot of difference to the email services in recent times. However, it makes communication faster and easier across all boards. Therefore, it only takes a Gmail user to click through and send a message to another recipient. Also, you can sign in to Gmail and add Gmail account to your existing one.


Gmail Sign in Account and How to Log into Gmail on PC, Mobile Using Google Mail
Gmail Sign in Account and How to Log into Gmail on PC, Mobile Using Google Mail
Gmail email service has proven to be the best in terms of quality and user friendly in all aspect. Therefore, earning it the title of been the most popular email platform in the world. Furthermore, you can can access your Gmail account through desktop and via mobile devices, tablets and so on. Therefore, you just need to login to Gmail account email and have a standard internet connection.

Gmail Account Sign in

Talking about the Google email account Gmail sign in, Below we are going to be outlining how to sign in Gmail account. More so, we are going to be considering various internet devices to make it plain and easy.

How to Log into Gmail on PC

  • On your desktop or laptop open any internet browser.
  • Then type in to access the platform.
  • Next, enter your Google Account email and password. You can also use your mobile number in place of your email if you have that setup.
  • Furthermore, if you are directed to another page about Gmail, you will then find the sign in link at the top-right corner of the page. Click on it to continue to your account.

How to Logout of Gmail Account

On your computer, you can easily sign out of Gmail by clicking your photo on the top right corner on your PC. Then look down the list of the features there and click on the sign out button. Therefore, this will log you out of your Gmail account on that device. However, if your account is login to another device it will keep you logged in on that device.

Download Gmail App on Android and Add Existing Gmail Account

  • Go to your Play store and Download the latest version of the Gmail app.
  • Furthermore, on your phone or tablet, open the Gmail app.
  • Click on the Menu caption, which you’ll find at the top left corner.
  • More so, on the right of where it reads your Username, tap the down arrow button.
  • Then click on Add Account to continue.
  • Select the type of account that you wish to add.
  • Furthermore, follow the on-screen instructions to add your account successfully to the app.
  • After completing that Gmail account setup, you’ll be automatically signed into Gmail anytime you open new Gmail on your device.

Gmail Log in on iPhone and iPad

  • Straight on your device, download the Gmail app from the App Store.
  • Then open the app and click on the Menu caption. Therefore, this is located at the top left corner of your mobile screen.
  • Click on your account and input your Gmail address.
  • Furthermore, click on Manage accounts and then add account.
  • Enter your Gmail username and password in the fields that is provided for that purpose.
  • Once your account is added, you will be signed in automatically every time you open the app.

How to Sign out of Gmail App

Basically, the best way to sign out or logout of your Gmail app on your smart device is to remove your account totally from that particular phone or tablet. However, if you want to log into Gmail you will then need to re-add your account to log in Gmail again. But if you want to log out simply just click on the logout caption on the settings section to do so.

Recover Forgotten Gmail Username and Password

As a Gmail user and you forgot your account details you can recover it back with some easy steps. Therefore, you can click on the redirected link  Account Support and Recovery page, where you can change your username and password easily.

Browsers that are Supported by Gmail Browser

Gmail login and services do work in all internet browsers. However, it works best with the latest versions of the following browsers.
  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Safari
  4. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. You will need to turn on cookies and JavaScript to use Gmail on all browsers

How to Change Your Gmail settings?

Simply open Gmail account setup on the top right corner, then click on the Settings icon. Furthermore, you can choose the labels you want to be shown on here. Save the changes when you are done with all what you want.


So this is a full guide for you to access your Gmail account and as well use all Google services and features. More so, you can use it for other things as well. Use Google mail today and get the best of email services.