Particularly, I can say Gmail is one of the most used and the best email platform all over the world. The Gmail account is very popular and it is free to access the Gmail sign up. More so, Gmail login is the process you access in other to gain full entry to the Google mail services. However, the process is very easy and simple to process by its users.

Gmail Login - Gmail Account Page Sign in | Gmail Sign up Guide
Gmail Login – Gmail Account Page Sign in | Gmail Sign up Guide

Therefore, the Gmail login process can only be carried out only by Google mail users. More so, if you are you have not pass through the Gmail account registration, then you cannot access the Gmail login process. Furthermore, to login to your Gmail account you will have to get some login details ready and correct. More so, the key login requirements are just

  • Your email address or your phone number.
  • The other one is your email password.

Google Products and Features

There are some Google products and features and that you can benefit while you are on the Google email platform. Furthermore, these products are very active and as well interesting to use. Some of these products are

  1. YouTube
  2. Google Map
  3. Google Calendar
  4. The Google Play Store
  5. Google Documents
  6. Google Slides and Google Presentation
  7. The Google Business
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Google Search etc.

How to Sign up for a Gmail Account – Create New Gmail Account

Therefore, creating a Google account is something that does not require much procedure in as much as you have an internet connection device. Also, you need to have internet data to access the internet in other to carry out the Gmail sign up. Below are the process you need to create a Gmail account.

  1. Visit Therefore, this is the Google sign up page to begin your account creation.
  2. Next, provide your personal details like name, date of birth, gender status etc.
  3. You also, need to craft the username which you will want to use or pick from the one Google will recommend for you.
  4. Also, craft a secure password for your account.

After completing all these processes and Google accepts your username the you can then proceed to set up some Google services on your account. However, you can as well choose to skip all the setup processes and access your Google account.

Gmail Login – Google Gmail Login

After you are done creating a Google account you will have to know how to login to your account. More so, this process is very important as it gives users the ability to access their Gmail account. Furthermore, you can carry out this process with your mobile device or with the use of a PC system.

  • Head to the website URL to access your Gmail account.
  • Click on the form page and input your username.
  • Next input your password you craft during the sign in period.
  • When you are through with the process click on the Login button to access your account.

This is the simple means for you to own a Google Gmail account.  However, after access your account you will then be able to use the mail service to send and as well receive emails.