Get Global Talent Visa and Move to the UK Fast – APPLY NOW

Do want to relocate abroad precisely the UK with ease and fast? Then THE Global Talent Visa route is a smooth pathway to moving abroad for you to take. This opportunity is legit and it is happening around this period. Therefore, if you are serious in moving abroad you need to jump on this chance with speed.

Move to UK Fast With the Global Talent Visa - APPLY NOW

Move to UK Fast With the Global Talent Visa

This Global Talent Visa pathway to the UK is also called the Tech Nation Visa. More so, this travel opportunity will give you a TIER 1 visa. This visa enables the brightest and the best talents from around the world to move to the UK for tech opportunities. Therefore, you will be working and as well living in the UK in the Digital technology sector area.

Furthermore, the United Kingdom are harnessing tech hands from all over the world to boost their presence in the digital tech industry. What a smart move! Therefore, if you are a

  1. Technical Talent – This is for people that are software developer, data scientist, programmer, cyber security expert, hardware engineer or a AI personnel. Basically, if you are a tech personnel this is for you. Interestingly you do not need to have any experience in working for any company. You just need to show a strong evidence in the tech role or work that you did on your application.
  2. Business Talent – Basically as a business talent you need to have an experience in working for a product lead digital technology company. Therefore, this type of company is one that is driven by technology as their major revenue generator. More so, you most have been in positions as Digital marketer, product manager etc.

Benefits of the Global Talent Visa

Just like i said before, this route promises a easy and fast move to the UK and as well gives you a lot of benefits too. You can find some benefit below.

  • You do not need a job to apply
  • Next is you do not need to tender any proof of funds.
  • Again you do not need any IELTS examination to qualify or apply.
  • Furthermore, the processing fee is very low, which is about £456. Therefore, this fee is for you to get the Endorsement that you will use to apply for the talent visa.
  • After you apply with your endorsement document and you submit to the home office, you are certain to be in the UK in the next 3 months.
  • Also, you can choose who to work for after arriving in UK or better still even start up your own tech company.
  • This processing time for this visa route is between 3 weeks to 8 weeks. Which in my opinion is very fast.
  • This part is the best part of all. Yes you can move with your family with this visa pathway.
  • After staying in the UK for about 3 – 4 years you will get your Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). After this you can easy get your British passport to become a British Citizen.

Now, these are just some of the few benefit you will get with this  Visa. I just have too end it here so we can dive it into other important aspect of this article.

Estimated Salaries of Different Jobs in USA

Requirements for the Global Talent Visa Application

For you to really qualify for this visa application programme you will need some requirements. Although, these requirements are not very hard to achieve. Therefore, you need 15 different documents classified into 4 parts.

Personal Statement

In this part you have to tell the story of why yo want to apply for the Global talent visa. Basically like writing an essay. More so, talking about how the UK will benefit form your talent and work you have done. Also, where you feel like living in the UK. More so, for this document it has to be between 1000 words and 3 A4 pages.

Your CV

This is simple, although you need to update your CV to make it standard. Here, it will be nice if you can update it to meet the UK employee CV standard.

Recommendation Letter

Basically, for the recommendation letter you will need three recommendations. Therefore, these persons need to be Highly Experience Leaders in Technology. More so, they have to be senior members of their organization and they have to know your work too. Also, make sure each of these letter needs to be specifically for the Global Talent Visa application.

Furthermore, the author have to talk about you on the recommendation letter. Basically, how they know you and the work you have done. Also, talking about the letter, a review of how you can contribute to the UK technology space and as well vouching for you is key too. Make sure the letter have to be on the company letter head, sign and dated appropriately.

Pieces of Evidence

Precisely, on this section you have to put in 10 different pieces of evidence of your work. In this part you have to give two types of evidence.

  1. Mandatory Evidence – For this part you basically need to show how you have been recognize as a leading talent in digital technology.
  2. Optional Evidence – This will involve you providing screenshot of work proof and any work piece that can boost your chance of getting approve.

How to Apply for  UK Global Talent Visa

After you are done in acquiring all these document and putting ready your application you can head to the website to submit it. You can find full details on the tech website

  1. First, you need to get endorsement which after submission you will be sent an application update that you have been Endorse.

Therefore, you can be accepted for Exceptional Talent (Above 5 Years) or Exceptional Promise (Below 5 years)

  • After getting your endorsement, then you can head on to submit it to the UK Embassy for visa approval. Therefore, you don’t need to worry at this stage because the approval will be express.

Note: If you are from a country that they require you to do a Tuberculosis test, then you have to do that and include in your document. More so, after getting your visa you need to enter into the UK in three months time. So you have to prepare yourself in the shortest time.



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