Georgia WIC – Eligibility Income Guidelines on WIC Nutrition Program

Georgia WIC is a program service in the states of Georgia. However, the WIC program service actively in Georgia and all other state in the united state of America. Therefore, the WIC program is a special program for supplemental nutrition. More so, the program has the funding of the federal government of the united states.

Georgia WIC - WIC Nutrition Program & Eligibility Income Guidelines

Furthermore, this program enables participators get assistance who are low income earners mostly, women, infants and children. Therefore, the people involve are people who cannot get healthy nutrition on their own and stay prone to nutrition risk.

More so, for anyone to gain access into this program you will have to take some certain steps and requirements. If you are able to gain access to the program that means you can enjoy all the benefits the program offers.

Georgia WIC

The WIC program is all about you getting a healthy nutrition for free. However, it is free because the United State of America has made provision for it. Although, the federal government is funding the project, it is run by the state government.

More so, the state government of Georgia is as well responsible for the different kinds of activities that runs on the program. This makes the amount of working pattern is different from other states in US.

The Department of Public Health center in Georgia currently runs the administrative office on the WIC program. Therefore, the department helps in promoting and as well ensuring policies related process. Also, the program instigates the system development and match with the aim of WIC program statewide.

WIC Program Objectives

Below are some of the objective of the WIC program.

  • Increasing the rate of breastfeeding of infants and as well its duration.
  • Decrease the high number of children in the US who are obese and overweight.
  • Increase the health care entry for parents, children and infants.
  • Also, increase nutrition education of all the participant of the program.
  • Furthermore, properly utilize technology system to maximize efficiency.

Legible Persons for Georgia WIC – Eligibility Income Guidelines

Just like I have mentioned in the first instance that the people who are legible for the WIC program are Infants, children and families an income rate of about 185%. This is in regards to the federal poverty level assessment. Therefore, for you to be eligible allows the program to assist you with all the necessary nutrition and medical majors.

Furthermore, any eligible participant most meet the requirements to access the ant service and receive assistance on the program. More so, the categories of participant on the program are

  • Infants
  • Women
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding mothers and child
  • Children not above the ages of five.

Specifically, the applicants most be at a nutrition risk as at the time the nutrition assessment is carried out by the professionals. However, the result of the person in question most prove to be positive. Also, all applicant most be a resident of the state of Georgia all in the united states.




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