Get Fully Funded Scholarships In USA, Canada & UK in 2024 – APPLY NOW

Get Fully Funded Scholarships In USA, Canada & UK in 2024. Therefore, these are scholarships to study in any countries like Canada, USA, and the UK precisely. More so, if you are an undergraduate or a graduate student in Africa and Asia who wants to acquire a Master’s degree, then you need to consider these countries for scholarships.

Basically, on this article, I am going to be listing out all scholarship programs in these countries. Also, I will review the various applications for admission and as well as requirements for admission into various universities.

Get Fully Funded Scholarship In USA, Canada & UK in 2023/2024 - APPLY NOW

Get Fully Funded Scholarship In USA, Canada & UK in 2024

Furthermore, if you are a student searching for financial assistance to study abroad than this is for you. First process is for you to apply for admission to the university of your choice. After which you can now apply for student loans and grants to carter for your study expenses. Also, you can get employments from good companies to start earning.

Countries that Gives Fully Funded Scholarships

  • Fulbright Scholarship (USA)
  • Commonwealth Scholarship (UK)
  • STEM Women’s Undergraduate Scholarship (USA)
  • Rosztoczy Foundation Scholarship Program (USA)
  • Public Service Commission (Singapore)
  • Chinese Scholarship (China)
  • Swiss Government Scholarship (Switzerland)
  • Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (Netherlands)
  • Turkish Government Scholarship (Turkey)
  • ADB Japan Scholarship Program (Japan)
  • ABSA Bursary Programme
  • DAAD Scholarship Germany (Germany)
  • New Zealand Regional Development Scholarship (New Zealand)

Commonwealth Scholarship (UK)

This is an international programme that is offering to students who wants to study about environmental and as well political landscape around the world. Furthermore, students in countries like south Asia, Africa and the Caribbean can apply for this scholarships.

However, if you want to succeed in getting this Commonwealth Scholarship, then you have to meet all the below requirements.

  1. First, you must be a citizen of any of the Commonwealth countries like South Asia, Nigeria, Ghana and other countries of the world.
  2. Also, you must agree to study in the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Health Science and as well Faculty of Engineering.

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (Amsterdam)

The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (Amsterdam) gives foreign students a fully funded scholarship every year. Therefore, this for them to further studies abroad and all over the world. More so, students will feature in different areas of studies ad trainings too.

  • Training
  • Medical and health sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Business administration
  • Education
  • Natural sciences, Social and behavioral sciences
  • Law
  • Mathematics and computer sciences
  • Transport and communication
  • Engineering
  • Fine and applied arts

How to Apply for the Commonwealth Scholarship

Precisely, If you want to apply for Commonwealth Scholarship, then you should apply online. Basically, you can do this by visiting the commonwealth scholarship commission website via the link below.

National nominating agencies:

Selected non-governmental organizations & charitable bodies:



CSC Portal



For Masters Scholarship:

PhD Scholarship:

List of Documents Required for the Scholarship Application For 2024

Basically, you need to provide the following information to get fully funded scholarships in the USA, Canada, UK

  • Resume/ CV for scholarship
  • Personal Statement
  • Your Acceptance Letter format
  • Recommendation Letter for scholarship

Frequently Asked Question

Which Universities Offers Scholarships for International Students in Engineering?

Yes these are the universities that offers scholarships for engineering students:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • University of California
  • Los Angeles (UCLA)

Can International Students Apply For Scholarships in American Universities?

Yes you can apply for scholarships in an American university. Although, if you are wanting to apply for the commonwealth scholarship, then it is only in the UK. Furthermore, you can check the website you see above to see where you can apply to.

Can a Foreign Student Apply for Scholarships American Universities After Admission?

Yes you can apply, if you have admission into any of the American Universities, you can as well apply for a scholarship. Therefore, you will need check the scholarship board to find a suitable scholarship for you. Fill in the form and submit all the required document they need. Then, they will call you for an interview and if everything is fine, you will get the scholarship.

In conclusion

Basically, you can apply for a fully funded scholarships in USA, Canada and as well the UK. Therefore hurry now, to apply for scholarships for the 2023/2024 editions before the closing dates. Thanks for visiting our blog.


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