Fruit Picker Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – APPLY NOW

One of the most easy jobs to get for foreigners in USA is fruit picker jobs in USA with visa sponsorship. This jobs is all over most states in America and they pay high and some companies offering accommodation benefits to their employees.

Fruit Picker Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship - APPLY NOW

Fruit Picker Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

So many people from Africa, Asia are wanting to relocate to USA or Canada but are looking for jobs that is hard to secure. However, this jobs requires minimum or no educational requirements for applicants and they do accepts applicants from all over the world.

Who is a Fruit Picker

A fruit picker is an individual who works in agriculture or horticulture to harvest fruits from trees, bushes, or vines. This job typically involves physically picking ripe fruits, such as apples, oranges, strawberries, grapes, or any other fruit, from the plants where they have grown. Fruit pickers are often employed by farms, orchards, vineyards, or fruit-picking companies.

Estimated Salaries of Different Jobs in USA

The Responsibilities of a Fruit Picker

  • Assessing fruit readiness for picking: Fruit pickers need to identify when fruits are ripe and ready for harvesting, as this ensures the best quality and flavor.
  • Using proper harvesting techniques: They must use appropriate tools and techniques to gently and efficiently pick fruits without damaging them or the plants.
  • Sorting and packing: After picking, fruit pickers often sort the fruits based on size and quality and then pack them into containers for transportation to markets or processing facilities.
  • Working efficiently: Fruit picking can be physically demanding work, and pickers often need to work quickly to meet production goals.
  • Safety: Fruit pickers must follow safety guidelines to prevent injuries and ensure a safe working environment.
  • Seasonal work: Many fruit-picking jobs are seasonal, with the peak harvest times varying depending on the type of fruit and its location.

Fruit picking can be labor-intensive and is often done outdoors, subject to weather conditions. Basically, it is a common job in agricultural regions around the world and is sometimes performed by temporary or seasonal workers, including migrant laborers, during peak harvest seasons.

Qualities of a Good Fruit Picker

Being a good fruit picker requires specific qualities and skills to perform the job efficiently and effectively. Therefore, below are some qualities that make a good fruit picker.

  • Attention to Detail: Good fruit pickers have a keen eye for detail. They can identify ripe fruits and assess their quality to ensure only the best fruits are harvested.
  • Physical Fitness: Fruit picking is physically demanding work. A good fruit picker should be physically fit and able to stand for long periods, reach high branches, and carry containers filled with fruit.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Precise hand-eye coordination is essential for gently picking fruits without causing damage to the fruit or the plant.
  • Patience: Fruit picking can be repetitive, and the work often involves spending hours in the field. Patience is crucial to maintain consistent productivity and quality.
  • Work Ethic: Fruit pickers often work long hours during peak harvest seasons. A strong work ethic is essential to meet production goals and deadlines.
  • Teamwork: Many fruit picking jobs involve working in teams. Good communication and cooperation with other pickers are important for efficient harvesting.

Other Essential Qualities of a Fruit Picker

  • Safety Awareness: Safety is paramount in agriculture. A good fruit picker should follow safety guidelines to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Stamina: The ability to endure physically demanding work in varying weather conditions, such as heat or cold, is crucial.
  • Adaptability: Different fruits may require different picking techniques. A good fruit picker should be adaptable and willing to learn and apply various methods.
  • Respect for the Environment: Good fruit pickers have a respect for the plants they are harvesting from and the environment in which they work. They avoid causing unnecessary harm to plants and ecosystems.
  • Efficiency: Good fruit pickers work efficiently to maximize their harvest while minimizing waste and damage to the fruit.
  • Time Management: Managing time effectively is important to meet production targets and ensure that harvested fruits are as fresh as possible.
  • Reliability: Employers depend on reliable fruit pickers who show up for work consistently and on time.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Sometimes, fruit pickers encounter challenges such as hard-to-reach fruit or equipment issues. Problem-solving skills can be helpful in overcoming these obstacles.
  • Respect for Quality: Good fruit pickers take pride in their work and strive to maintain high-quality standards, which can improve the marketability of the harvested fruit.

Overall, being a good fruit picker involves a combination of physical fitness, attention to detail, teamwork, and a strong work ethic. These qualities help ensure a successful and productive harvest.

Some Job Vacancy of Fruit Picker

Company Description Outline Job Type Location Salary
Harry & David


Harvest Picker 3

Workers are needed from approximately September through October at multiple sites in Jackson County, Oregon. General orchard labor Full-Time, Seasonal 2800 S Pacific Hwy, Medford, OR 97501 $17.97 an hour
Professional Staff Northwest


Produce Order Picker

Hiring for entry level Produce Order Picking in a refrigerated warehouse. Only apply if you want a fulltime position, this is not a temporary position. Full-Time Sumner, WA 98390 $20 an hour
Crown Holdings


Palletizers Operator/General Laborer

Crown Cork & Seal USA, a global metal packaging company is looking for a 1st shift Palletizer ($18.96 an hour) at our plant in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Full-Time Oshkosh, WI 54901


$18.96 an hour
TP 2023


Warehouse Picker

Testa Produce is known for its fresh fruits and vegetables as well as availability of special produce items, it also offers dry goods, frozen items and refrigerated meats and dairy items. Full-Time 4555 South Racine Avenue, Chicago, IL 60609 Estimated $31.5k – $39.9k a year
Frog Song Organics



Our farm produces healthy food for individuals at farmers markets, grocery stores, and the best restaurants throughout Northern and Central Florida. Full-Time and Part-Time Frog Song Organics in Hawthorne, FL 32640


$12.50 – $15.00 an hour
Fruit of the Loom INC


Module Picker

This position is required to accurately and efficiently pick product out of modules (full case and/or

pick pack) to fill customer orders.

Full-Time and Temporary


850 Drewry Rd, Monroeville, AL 36460 $29.5K – $37.3K Per Year


How to Apply for Fruit Picker Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

One of the most important part of this article is to learn How to apply for fruit picker jobs as an anticipating immigrant. Well, the fun part of this is that you will be getting a job and a free visa as well.

However, this will be possible when you have applied for a job and have gotten a job offer in your name from any company. Therefore, to apply for a visa you have to follow the steps below

  • Firstly, make sure you are qualified for the job.
  • Then set up an organized CV and a good cover application letter digitally.
  • Therefore, you can use any online platform such as LinkedIn,, and other online job platforms to search for job in this field in the US.
  • After you are through with this, you will have to wait for the employer to access your documents. So, if they find you qualified for the job, they wail then send you a job offer.
  • Furthermore, the employer will have to make a job petition to the USICS and US labor market institute for certification.

Next, the company will then apply for a visa sponsorship with the job offer letter sent to you in your name.


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