Freedom Mobile is one of Canada’s Biggest mobile network service operators which is owned by Shaw Communications. Since its advent in 2008 as wind mobile, the company has been very relevant and gone the extra mile to give its valued customers the optimum satisfaction they desire when it comes to the product and services they offer such as smartphones(Apple, Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows )mobile broadband modems and feature phones.

Freedom Mobile - Freedom Mobile Cell Phone Plans | Call, Text and Data Plans
Freedom Mobile – Freedom Mobile Cell Phone Plans | Call, Text and Data Plans

Wind mobile which is now known as freedom mobile was birthed out of the Canadian government’s effort to increase the competition of wireless network service nationwide. The network service company offers to its users a very cheap plans with variety of data. In 2016, Wind mobile launched their high-speed LTE (long term evolution) service and later re-branded as freedom mobile that same year.

Freedom Mobile Services

Freedom mobile now offers services to many major cities in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, with exclusive offerings like Wi-Fi calling and better coverage for underground transit systems to make up for places with the poor network coverage. Also, Freedom mobile is one of the only wireless carriers that offer unlimited data in Canada. You can get full speed access up to your monthly plan limit even when service weakens.

Freedom Mobile Plans – Wind Mobile

Freedom mobile cell phone plans.

Particularly, the Freedom mobile plans make it easy and cheap for customers to get a lot of talk time and texts anywhere in Canada also with the best data package to suit your preference. The service provider has three major plans. Therefore, the plans are Data and talk plan,  Talk and text plan and Data only plan. You can as well see more data plans here>>>>

  • Data and talk plan.

The best data and talk plan on the network currently is Big gig + 10GB + 2GB bonus. Basically, with this plan, you are liable to get unlimited talk time and also texts throughout Canada. Furthermore, this is with an additional 10GB of data. Basically, the plan also includes unlimited roaming talk as well as text with 1GB of data.

Therefore, if you find yourself outside the Freedom mobile network you can as well utilize the use of the service. Their holiday promotion also adds 100GB overage data that doesn’t expire. Users also get to have additional 2GB(for Limited time) bonus data when you sign up in-store.

  • Talk and text plan.

This plan is particularly affordable for customers who are more interested in calls and talks with lesser data. The best plan under this category is the home 500mb plan. Therefore, giving their customers a lots of data is the core business service of Freedom mobile.

More so, it does not matter if you want to use the data or not, every plan comes with its own specific amount of data allocation. With a small fee, users can get to make unlimited calls nationwide and texts, no roaming included. At the rate of $0.05/minute. Furthermore, i still believe wind mobile still has one of the best talk and text value plans.

  • Data only plan.

Therefore, this is the smartphone’s plan. One of the best plans of the network is the Big gig 12GB plan.  This is were you still get a phone number and also the pay-as-you-go plan fr as low as for $0.05/minute even when roaming. Also, users get to send global texts and also 500mb when roaming on wind’s partner networks. When you sign up in-store, you get an additional 2GB, which sums up to a 12GB high-speed data.

Basically, Freedom mobile promotes their service to people who live their lives mostly in the city. Also, those who keep their head above water and also enjoy the good things in life like loads of data.

Note: Although, due to recent developments data plans of freedom network coverage service may change from this figures.