Filmclub – Get Access to Myfilmclub and New Movies on Filmclub App

I am so sure that not everyone knew about this movie platform or site “Filmclub”. This is the first am also hearing about a platform such as this one. Nevertheless, we are going to be discussing it together and see what it is all about. Reading all through the content will review more about the topic to you, just read on to the very end of the article to get all the details.

Filmclub - Get Access to Myfilmclub and New Movies on Filmclub App


A film society may be a membership-based club where people can watch screenings of into film club that might otherwise not be shown in mainstream cinemas. In Spain, Ireland, and Italy, they’re referred to as “cineclubs”, and in Germany, they’re referred to as “Filmclub”.

The filmclub is commonly known to be “Myfilmclub” and that it is one of the stops shops for film lovers. You know what I mean by film lovers, those people that do want movies each time of the day, they can’t do without watching movies.

It is said that this platform gens up on newly released, read reviews, enter competitions, order VOD and Blu-ray/DVDs. Not just that, also ultimately, making cinema-going with friends easy than before. Filmclub does not have a website that you can access to watch or download movies for this platform.

There is an app for that, Myfilmclub has provided an app in other to encourage face-to-face interactions by generating readymade communities of film lovers.

Filmclub App

The app provides a platform for local people to attach in chat rooms that they need either joined or created, called ‘clubs’. Once you’ve got chosen the film you would like to ascertain, geotags pool the closest cinemas that the film is showing in.

Cinema options, film information, and ticket purchasing links which you can share with other club members on your group chat. Therefore, you can also share information on home entertainment releases and purchases from multiple retailers.

More so, you can as well use the app on Android and iPhones. Furthermore, this means you need to download the app for you to access the myfilmclub service.

Myfilmclub Download

To download the app is easy, all the steps you will be seeing here will direct you through. Just follow the instructions below till the end.

  • Access your app store, Google play store, or your iPhone app store.
  • Search for the app “Filmclub” and click on it.
  • Next is to click the “Get” button if you are using an iPhone. But for those with Android phones, you do the same by tapping on the “Install” button close to the app.

When you follow the steps you see above, you can download the app for free.

Filmclub Website

If you are looking for the website, you can visit it through this link on your browser. But remember that there is nothing on the website, all will be pointing to the app and the link to download it. Finally, we have concluded the article, and I want to thank you all for staying through the article.



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