Facebook Watch Party – How to Start a Watch Party on Facebook & Download Video

Facebook Watch Party. Have you heard about a watch party on Facebook? Well there is a feature on the Facebook platform called a watch party and you can host a watch arty on facebook.com. If you are interested in hosting a watch part on the platform and you do not know where to start, then this article is for you.

Facebook Watch Party - How to Start a Watch Party on Facebook & Download Video

It is also a very good feature if you want to watch a movie and you do not want to watch the movie alone. If you want to watch movies like in a cinema or you want it to be like a get together group party but people are not available physically, a watch party is what you should host.

Facebook Watch Party

The Facebook watch party 2023 has so many features. These features are a feature that allows not only watching a movie with members of a group but also inviting other users you have as friends on the platform.

The moment you host a watch party on the platform, everyone in the group will be notified and they can decide to join the party or not. However, there is one little disadvantage you can only host a watch party on a group you are an admin of or public groups.

What are Facebook Watch Parties?

Basically, watch party on Facebook means giving your friends and other fbook users the opportunity to enjoy watch any movie of your choice with them online.  Therefore, this means that if you have a video yo want to share to friends and the public, you can start a watch party

So instead of sending it one by one to all the people you want, just create a watch party and add everyone you want. More so, you can do this with already downloaded video, live stream or pre-loaded video.

What is the Purpose of a Watch Party?

Using the watch party feature gives you the chance to chat with about 100 friends in the same country. Also, this feature aid you to watch movies and TV shows with friends and the public online.

However, you will need the prime eligible content and membership in other to join the watch party. More so, know that this prime feature need prime membership to partake in a watch party. Also, you can watch pre-loaded content and paid media content with family and friends.

Does Watch Party Cost Money?

No, the watch party is free and do not cost any money for you to use the feature on your mobile phone or desktop. Therefore, the prime membership do not cost anything as well and you can still use it to watch videos with friends and family too. Although, on the prime account you can use a playback feature and as well synchronize your content with a host account.

How to Create a Facebook Watch Party

However, if you already have a Facebook account, then you are ready to host or create a Facebook watch party. In addition to owning a Facebook account, you need a device that has access to the internet and an active data subscription. Below are the steps to hosting a live watch party.

  • Charge the device you want to use in hosting the watch party and boot it.
  • Turn on the data connection on the device or get it connected to an active source of data connection.
  • Launch any web browser on the device and see the Facebook official URL facebook.com.
  • Tap on the box indicating you can write a post to the group and tap on “Watch Party”.
  • Add the video you want to watch or select a video.
  • Tap done after selecting a video.
  • Say something about the watch party and tap on “post”.

Basically, if you follow all the above steps carefully, your watch party will begin immediately. Therefore, this is to say you can easily start a live watch party.

How to Join Someone’s Watch Party

The moment you are eligible to watch the video in a watch party, then you can click on anyone watch party. Therefore, tap on the watch party icon and it will redirect you to the watch page. Next add your username right under the chat name you see there. After all these process, click on the join watch party caption to partake in the show.

How to Go Live in a Facebook Watch Party

When you go live In a Facebook watch party, people will be able to see and hear you. Doing this is very simple. After hosting the watch party, hot the video icon on the screen. It is that simple. You can also add more videos to the watch party by tapping on the “Add Video” button.

Facebook Watch Party Video Download

Viewers sometimes love a watch party video and will like to download it to their device.

  • Therefore, to do so you just need to select the video you want to download.
  • After selecting the video, right click to copy the link address of the video.
  • Furthermore, head on to Facebook video downloader.
  • Paste the link on the space bar and search.
  • Therefore, the video will appear, then click on download to download it to your device.

it is pretty easy if you follow these steps above to download Facebook videos.

How to Enable Facebook Watch Party

For you as a Facebook user to enable a watch party you will need to follow this steps below.

  1. Open the website www.facebook.com.
  2. Then head to the features section and click on groups.
  3. Furthermore, choose a group you want to use to go live in the watch party.
  4. After this click on the watch party caption you see on the page.
  5. Remember, you can give the watch party a name and as well add a description of the watch party in the space above.
  6. Next, click on Add video.
  7. Therefore, select the video or movie you want to watch on the party and continue.

Note: you can add more that just one video in your watch party to keep your party for a longer time.




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