For so many years I have been watching Facebook users posting interesting videos on Facebook and I cannot download them to view later. I for one find it very disappointing not to really get these Facebook videos in my device. Some I will see a very funny and captivating video on Facebook and try to chat up the person that posted the video. Therefore, this is very embarrassing I must say. This made me to start searching for how to download Facebook live video and access Facebook video download.


Basically, the Facebook video download process is the only way to download Facebook videos to your device. With it you will know how to save from Facebook and as well download Facebook live videos. More so, without wasting more time let me dive into the main reason why I decided to craft out this article. Particularly, it is for Facebook users to learn how they can easily download Facebook videos to their device.

How to Download Videos from Facebook – Facebook Live Video

Particularly, downloading Facebook video is not a very hard task to process. However, users most make sure they have a good internet connection to access the process. Therefore, to carry out the download process follow these steps below.

  1. Open your Facebook account either via the website web.facebookcom or use the Facebook app.
  2. Therefore, when you see the video you want to download right click for PC users and copy the video link. Then if you are using a mobile device hold on the video file and a copy link will come up click on it.
  3. Furthermore, after coping the link, open a new tap on your browser and type in Facebook video Downloader or better still type and lunch.
  4. The web page will then open. Paste the link in the space bar you see on your screen and click on the download caption by the side.
  5. The next page will load out the video for you to download. Therefore, you can choose to download the video in normal quality or in HD quality.
  6. Furthermore, click on the option you which to download the video with and the download will start.

Save from Facebook

It is very easy to really save videos from Facebook or better still say download video from Facebook. Furthermore, using the method I just describe above it will give you a fast and easy means to save videos from Facebook.

More so, as I said earlier on, the download process has been an issue for me until i found the secret to download Facebook videos. However, I have come to realize that so many Facebook users are as well facing the same issue of Facebook video download. This is exactly why I craft out this article to help them solve this issue.

Basically, one reason why I love the save from Facebook video download is that you will get the video you want on a very high quality. Therefore, this is very good because most users do not like downloading low quality videos. So, users can access the save from Facebook video download via downloading platform. More so, this just the way to save Facebook videos that you can watch later when you want to entertain yourself.