Facebook Update – Latest Version of Facebook App

Basically, Facebook update is a process that enables Facebook users to get the Messenger latest version apk Facebook features and a upgrade Facebook app interface. More so, you can as well upgrade your Facebook status on a regular basis but his is different form the app update.

Facebook Update - Latest Version of Facebook App

Therefore, the update of the app brings a bout fascinating features and as well new icons on the Facebook news feed. Furthermore, users are always allowed to check for update regularly and update their Facebook app to the latest version.

Facebook Update

Knowing that Facebook is the biggest social media platform worldwide it usually promises its users a whole deal of standard quality service. Therefore, is cut across all aspect of the Facebook website and as well app.

More so, the update of the latest Facebook app pave way for more features like the love heart Emoji which they added in relation to the covid 19 pandemic. Particularly, Facebook put this feature to make people send the love heart Emoji to their love ones to remind them that they care.

How to Update Your Facebook App

We have been talking on quite some few things about updating the Facebook app on the first section of this article; now let us proceed a little. Below is the process for you to update your Facebook app.

  • Head straight to the Google play store on your device or visit the App store for iOS users to begin the process.
  • Use the search bar you will see at the top of the page and type Facebook app and click on search.
  • The Facebook app will then come up, since you already have the app on your device you will see the option to update it click on the update

After clicking on the update caption the app will start to update on your device to the new version. This will take some time and as well internet data. Therefore, in just a few minutes time base on your internet speed, the app will then update to the latest version.

This is when you will start seeing new features and icons displaying on your account like new Emoji. Also, you will see some new icon on the profile photo section and bubbles on comments.

Messenger Latest Version Apk

There are some new Facebook features that are presently breaking the social media world and these features comes with the new Facebook update. below are some of the list of features you can find on the new update

  •  The New Messenger interface
  • Facebook Avatar
  • Upgrade on relationship status
  • New Facebook wall
  • More post plugins
  • Social Plugins
  • New timeline design
  • New added Emoji like love heart
  • Event upgrade and many more.

How to Update your Facebook Status

Early on this article I do mention something about the Facebook status stuff and here we are going to look on how you can update your Facebook status. However, Facebook users do use this feature to update how they feel at every particular time and express their mind.

Furthermore, you can carry out these actions either by writing or posting a photo. More so, you can even do both of them together as in post a post carrying a write up. Below is the way for you to carry out this process on Facebook.

  • Open your Facebook mobile app or use the website web.Facebook.com to login in your Facebook account.
  • Input your sign in details and then sign in to your account.
  • When you have open your Facebook account view the upper section of the page to locate what’s on your mind caption then click on it.
  • A whole lot of feature will come up, then you can from there type in your comment or post a photo or write-up.

Once you are through with, they will write that. More so, you can then post it and immediately it will display on your Facebook status page. Specifically, all your friends on Facebook can then see this post and as well comment on it. But one interesting thing about status is that this post does not last on the status page for long.

Also, users cannot save or download what you post on the status page. Therefore, this in turn creates room for some level of privacy content posting. So, if you have not try out the status feature before its time you do because it is really fun to use.h



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