Facebook sign up in this context simply means creating a Facebook account. Therefore, to do this you will need to follow some steps which will be given below. However, Facebook is a social networking media platform that allows one to socialize, transact business, advertises, and connects with friends and family online.

Facebook Sign up - Log in or Sign up | Facebook Sign up New Account
Facebook Sign up – Log in or Sign up | Facebook Sign up New Account

Furthermore, the Facebook sign up process is very vital in other to benefit or use this great social media platform. More so, to sign up on Facebook is very easy and you do not have to pay for signing up on the platform. However, this simply entails that the Facebook Sign up process is free.

Note: For you to be a Facebook user you need to be at least 13 years of age to create a Facebook account.

How to create Facebook Account and Log in – Facebook Sign up

  1. Go to www.facebook.com/r.php.
  2. Input your name (I mean your real name that you are known by).
  3. Enter your date of birth.
  4. Furthermore, enter your mobile phone number. To use an Email instead, sing up with email.
  5. Tap Female or Male to select your gender.
  6. Choose a password and tap Sign Up.

To complete your account creation, you have to confirm your email address. This is the like a verification process to your account.

If you are having a problem logging in – Facebook Login sign

  • If you Are having trouble with your password, learn how to reset your password.
  • However, if you cannot still access the login process then you can find out what to do next.
  • Like search through your details to make sure they are correct.

How to create your New Facebook account and confirm your email or mobile phone number – Facebook Sign up

Therefore, for you to complete your account confirmation, you have to finish creating an account. Although you need to confirm that you are the real owner of  the email or mobile phone number that you used to create the account

  • Therefore to confirm your mobile number, you have to enter the code you get via text message [SMS]. More so this is in the confirm box that shows up when you log in. Again you can learn what to do next if you do not see the code to confirm your account on the learn cation below.
  • Furthermore, confirm your email by clicking or tapping the link in the email you got when you created the account.

Confirming your email or mobile phone number helps the servers to know that they are sending your account info to the right place.

Note: Therefore, you have to confirm your email or mobile number as soon as possible. Also, you may not be eligible to confirm your account until you verify your email or phone number.

How you will find friends on the newly created Facebook account – Facebook Group

To add a friend by name via browser

  1. Tap the search icon and enter your friend`s name.
  2. Select their name, or tap the search icon see more results if you don’t see your friends.

find friends via your mobile device or email accounts:

Therefore, to find more Facebook friends to add, you can upload your contacts from your mobile phone or email accounts.

Tips get suggested friends:

Basically, you can use people you may know to find friends on Facebook. People you may know suggestions come from things like friends in common, being in the same Facebook group or your network.

Benefit of logging in to Facebook – Facebook Login

  1. Social Login allows customers to quickly and easily register for and log into your Mobile app. However, this is by using their existing social media identities or pre-verified user account. Basically, this is by authenticating their identities with social login. However, users give your brand permission-based access to the rich identity. Also, they give data  in their social profiles, locations, and media preferences.
  2. Another benefit of logging into Facebook is, it allows users to advertise on Facebook and also market products that you can sell.
  3. Also, it allows users to post and download pictures on Facebook.
  4. The platform also allows users to view, stream and download Facebook videos.

This is just a few stuffs you will get when you have in possession of the Facebook account. However, you can access all these stuff via the Facebook website or Facebook App.