Facebook Messenger – How to Setup Messenger App for Business

Facebook messenger, in recent times communication has have a toll on the world social media messaging. Although the email platforms have become the winner in terms of messaging.

However, in recent times messaging apps are on the top chart of social media platforms. Therefore, the Facebook messenger is one of the messaging apps that is widely used by internet users.

Facebook Messenger - How to setup Facebook Messenger App for Business
Facebook Messenger – How to setup Facebook Messenger App for Business

Facebook Messenger

The main importance of messenger app is to access you Facebook chat room easily and send and as well receive messages fast. More so, you can use the Facebook messenger app to improve your business as you can still use it for your Facebook business page.

Therefore, this do not mean you most have a big business as even this works well with smaller business owners.

Facebook Messenger Download

For any user to start using Facebook messenger and as well setup the app to work perfectly with your Facebook page you need to download the app. Therefore, to do so you will need a good internet connection. Below are the ways to achieve that.

  • Lunch your Google play store on your device.
  • Go to the search bar and type in the search term Facebook Messenger app and search.
  • The app will load up for you to download. Click on the download button and to start your download.
  • After download sure do well to install it to your device for use.

Furthermore, when you are through installing it to your device you can then lunch the app for use. Also, after that you can then start setting up the app via your Facebook account.

How to setup Facebook Messenger App for Business

Now on this section we will be learning how you can use the app and also a kind of tips to help you set it up for use for your business.

Choose a Username

For you to start using the app you have to select a username. Therefore, this will make other users or friends to recognize your profile. However, this is good to add more value to your business as well. So, if you already have a Facebook page name then use the same on the app. More so the username starts with a @ symbol and you can locate it below your Facebook profile icon.

Activate Messaging

On this section you can set messaging function for your page and make it active. Therefore, for you to do this

  • Go straight to the settings section of your Facebook page.
  • Therefore, in the sub section tab click on General.
  • Then head to Messages and hit the Edit icon.
  • Click to tick the box below to mark it for Allow. Therefore, this makes people to contact your page privately.

Set up Save Messages

Here you will need to set up instant replies and as well greetings text that will be sent as a reply to users contacting you. Like as I have said before this helps a lot in business as a first introduction format. Now let see how you can turn the instant replies on.

  • Hit on the messaging icon from the left column of the Facebook settings page.
  • Scroll down to the lower part and click on the set up.
  • After that set up Automated Response on the set-up page.
  • Furthermore, click on instant reply and turn it on.
  • Next set up the message you want to use as an instant reply to users sending their messages.

More so to set up greeting message, use this format.

  1. Click on settings again on your Facebook page and click on Messaging.
  2. Scroll to the lower section for you to see the option Show a Greeting then do turn it on.
  3. Then hit on the Change caption if you wish to edit the greeting text.
  4. Lastly click on Save.

Manage Response Time

Basically, on this section a shorter response time is always a better option to take if you want to manage the response time well. Also, you can check the amount of time you take to initiate a response to a particular massage.

Therefore, there a kind of badge that says Very Responsive to messages but you most achieve a certain standard to get it. Particularly, this is a standard of an average percentage of 90% on the scale. More so, response time 15 minutes over a seven-day period.

How to Setup Facebook Business Response Message

To easily sett up your messaging status on your Facebook business account or page this is what you need to do.

  • To straight to the setting page on your Facebook page you have set up.
  • Then click on the Messaging option which is in the right column.
  • Move down and click on the setup icon you see there.
  • Choose the Automated Response
  • Furthermore, click on the Away Message caption you will see on the list
  • Lastly, click on Edit.

After clicking on edit you will see these options to choose from

  1. Set Away Messages
  2. Set the time for which you will be away.
  3. Write the away messages.

Therefore, these are the tip and ways you can setup your messenger app to improve your business. Mores so you can try it out and watch the Facebook insight graph to see how Facebook have change your business status.



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