Facebook Messenger App is an active app Facebook develop for its mobile users. Therefore, Fb messenger download for mobile phone users is like one of the biggest breakout Facebook had made. The messenger app is available to all users and brought the development of Facebook stories we all know today.

Facebook Messenger App - FB Messenger Download For Mobile and Facebook Messenger Login
Facebook Messenger App – FB Messenger Download For Mobile and Facebook Messenger Login

Facebook Stories

Basically, Facebook stories were more like a medium to get your Facebook status updates about friends that you do always see on your Facebook news feed. But the Facebook messenger app for Android does not give users the access to the Facebook news feed, hence the invention of Facebook stories.

Advantages of Facebook Messenger Online

Therefore, the Facebook messenger app for android comes with a lot of features for users to enjoy. This actually means there is a whole lot more you can do with the app than just texting and viewing stories.

  • Fb messenger app enables users the access to make both video and voice calls all for free. The only thing you need is to have data to access it.
  • Furthermore, Facebook messenger app also grant users the opportunity to send voice notes to friends and any other person you have on your contact list.
  • Users can as well view their friends photo and other easily while using the messenger online.
  • More so, viewing the profile of others just got a lot easier with the app.

FB Messenger Download For Mobile

Users can easily get the Fb messenger app for their mobile devices from the Google play store or any other app store on your device. Therefore, to download and install the Facebook instant messenger use the below steps.

  • First, head straight to the Google play store on your device,
  • The launch the play store from your mobile device.
  • Use the search bar right at the top to search for the term “Facebook messenger”.
  • A result page will then appear, from the result page, click the first Facebook App on the result list.
  • Wait for the app page to load up and click the install button to start downloading the app tp your device.

Therefore, when the download is complete, begin the installation process right to your mobile device. After installation, you can then launch the app using your Facebook log in details. After logging in, users can use any of the Facebook messenger features you want on the app.

Facebook Messenger Login

Basically, you can log in to Facebook messenger using your Facebook account. This is an essential process because Facebook messenger is an extension on Facebook. More so, users can create Facebook account using any of the Facebook apps or using the web browser online. To sign in to Facebook messenger, below are the steps to take.

  • First, launch the messenger app on your device.
  • A new screen will then appear, fill out the log in form you see with your Facebook sign in details.
  • After that click on the login caption to access your Facebook account.

In some cases users will see blue sign in button, click on it to complete your Facebook messenger sign in. Also, note that this is a one time process on your mobile phone. This is to say if you want to access the online messenger app again you do not need to login again rather a smooth access is granted with just a tap on the app.