The Facebook platform has already from other social media platforms due to its outstanding features it does offers to its users. However, with the invention of its new market feature, Facebook marketplace the platform is rocking at its best on ecommerce.  Therefore, Facebook have incorporated this feature into their app the Facebook messenger app.

Facebook Marketplace - How to Buy Sell on Facebook | Facebook Shop
Facebook Marketplace – How to Buy Sell on Facebook | Facebook Shop

Furthermore, the marketplace feature is available to every FB user and everyone have the chance to participate either buying or selling. More so, you can create a Facebook shop and list your products for sales on the platform as well. Interestingly, you do have the opportunity to sell your product to 2 billion people and still counting.

How Facebook Marketplace Works

Basically, the marketplace feature is design to curtail buyers and sellers within a particular location for easy business transaction. Therefore, with this method you do not need to do much in other to get buyers for your products or services. This however, shows you the well-organized structure of the marketplace feature.

How to Buy Sell on Facebook

Particularly, if you want to sell an item on the Facebook marketplace or Facebook shop then you will have to list the item for sale. Also, you have to give a sound detail about the item you are selling. This in turn give prospective buyers a run down of the said item you are selling.

Therefore, when a buyer sees and shows interest on your item, Facebook will then notify you the seller. Furthermore, you will then have to make vital negotiations with the buyer. Basically, while making this transactions Facebook will not involve on how you make your negotiation. This is actually a good one as you have control over your sales.

How to Find Facebook Marketplace Feature

To find and access the Facebook shop feature on the Facebook app is very easy and you can do so form your mobile phone or PC. Below is the process of how you can access the feature.

  • First, sign in to your Facebook account via the app or website.
  • Then tap on the menu caption on your screen.
  • Scroll down to locate the Facebook shop feature.
  • Then if you want to sell an item click on the Sell Something button on your screen.
  • Next click on Item for Sale.
  • After this enter the details of the item you want to sell.
  • Put the item under the appropriate shopping category.

After you are through with these processes then you are set to start selling on Facebook. Therefore, you just need to wait for buyers to start showing interest on your product. Also, if you have more you can as well make use of the Facebook ads to promote your products or services on Facebook. This will in turn help to fetch you more potential buyers as Facebook will publicize your product to a wide range of users.