Facebook inc.is one of the most successful American online social media and social networking services company. However, it is based in Menlo park, California. Basically it was founded by mark Zuckerberg. Along with fellow Harvard college students and roommates. Also, Eduardo Severin, Andrew McCollum. Dustin Moskowitz, and Chris Hughes were also part of the creation process. Furthermore, it is regarded as one of the big four technology companies in the world alongside Amazon, Apple and Google.

Facebook - Log into Facebook | Recover Your Facebook Account
Facebook – Log into Facebook | Recover Your Facebook Account

The founders of Facebook, limited the membership to only Harvard students. Also, Columbia, Stanford and Yale students. But, eventually membership there was an expansion to the remaining ivy league. Also, MIT and higher education in the Boston area. Gradually, Facebook put through some additional support for students at other various universities. They eventually increase it to high school students as well. Anyone who claims to be at least 13 years old can register as a member of Facebook as from 2006.

About the Facebook Social Media Platform

Facebook is the most used social media services. Therefore, users can access it from various devices with internet connectivity. Such as personal computers ,tablets and smart phones. Furthermore, after registration, user can create a customize profile revealing information about themselves. Also, users can post texts, photos and multimedia from their device. Then share it with other users and friends. More so, users can also use various embedded apps, and receive notification of their friends activities. Users may also join common interest groups

There are more than 2.2 billion monthly active users on the Facebook platform as of January 2018. However, it receives prominent media coverage such as users privacy and psychological effects. Facebook offers other products and services .it acquires Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus rift develop Facebook messenger independently. User can as well download the Facebook app on the Google play store.

Some Features you can Find on Facebook – Facebook Account

Therefore, there are some basic features one can find on the Facebook social media platform. These features make users to enjoy using the their Facebook account. Therefore, we are going to be talking about some few features one can find on the platform below.

  • Photos: This social media platform enables one to upload a photo of a person. Also, photos of goods to the social media site. Furthermore, it also allows one to download a photo of a person. As well as goods that is of interest to the person.
  • Profile; Particularly, this platform allows a person to create a personal account that will serve as his/her wall. However, it allows you to posts pictures or write ups to your wall. Also, share photos to the public but this is on permission basis.
  • Notification; this feature shows messages and comments that are still pending or unread in the comment box. The notifications are highlighted until you read through. Notification alerts a user about a message or comments on Facebook.

Other Features of this Social Platform

  • Groups; More so, this feature allows one to belong to a particular forum of a choice. Here, you can share information and business transactions on a daily basis.
  • Privacy: This feature protects the handle from threats, in terms of security. It guides against hacking and other social media frauds.
  • Events reminder: Therefore, this features serve as, pile of events that is to take place in the nearby future. Like birthdays, marriages and other important events.

Facebook Login

Therefore, you can login to Fbook with you mobile device or you can as well use a PC to access the platform. More so if you want to login just follow these process.

  1. visit the main login page www.web.facebook.com.
  2. Hit on the login caption on your screen
  3. Then input your login details
  4. click on the login caption.

Facebook Account Recovery

Furthermore, you can as well recover your Facebook account by just clicking on the forgotten password caption. After you do so you will then see a page and it will ask you to input your mobile number you use in registering the account. Also, you can as well input your email address to so that you login info will be sent to it. Basically, when you click on the forgot password caption just follow the process to achieve the recovery process.

Benefits of using Facebook

Facebook is a social media services that has a lot of benefits. Which is very beneficial to its users, and we are going to highlight some below.

  • Advertising: Therefore, this is the ability to reach the exact audience. You can advertise to people by age, interests, behaviors and location. Also, you can use advertising to engage if you know them on Facebook.
  • Marketing: Particularly, it is beneficial in selling goods and services online. Also, it supports the sales of local goods and services among individuals on Facebook.
  • Reduces stress: Furthermore, it helps one relax your mind and free from boredom. Particularly, when one is idle.
  •  Information giving: it aids in the circulation of information among people online. Even those that later log in can still get the information with some scrolls down. Retrieval of information is also very possible, as one can save some information that is useful for later use.

These are but a few things we can mention here on this article regarding this platform. More so, there are still so many things you can get from the platform as well. Furthermore, you can improve your business through it as well as connect with old time friends and also get famous too.