Facebook Home – Log into Facebook | Facebook Home Page

Talking about the social media Facebook home, it was a user system interface layer for android smartphones. More so, Facebook Developed the software and it was designed to be a drop-in replacement for its users device`s existing home screen. Therefore, Facebook is no longer supporting or providing updates for Facebook home screen [launcher].

Facebook Home - Log into Facebook | Facebook Home Page
Facebook Home – Log into Facebook | Facebook Home Page

Furthermore, it provides a replacement home screen that allows users to easily view and post content on Facebook. However, this is achieve along with launching apps. Also, with a replacement lock screen that displays notification from Facebook and other apps. Furthermore, there is an overlay which allow users to chat via Facebook messages or SMS from any app.

Facebook Home

Facebook Home is a smart user interface for Android smartphones. Therefore, this replaces the device’s home screen and lock screen with content from Facebook. This is with the inclusion of your News Feed. Also, this applies to notifications, and the ability to launch apps from the interface.

Particularly, the platform first announce in April 2013 and the services was discontinued in 2013. Although, users did not get the new decision well received by users and critics, with many citing privacy concerns and poor performance.

The Unveiling of Facebook home was at a press event on April 4, 2013.  Therefore, the service was released on April 12, 2013 for a limited selection of devices from HTC. Also, Samsung Electronics including the HTC FIRST, a smartphone pre-loaded with the software. However, there is no longer supporting or providing updates for the home.

Download the Facebook Home Launcher – Facebook Home App

Particularly, any user with the most up-to -date versions of the Facebook or Facebook messenger apps on a compatible Android phone will see a prompt to go to Google play and download Facebook Home.

From there, you simply down load the home client and then choose if you want to use it all the time, or just complete Facebook related actions with it. Select the default Facebook launcher to use the normal app, or Facebook home app to use the new-look system. Therefore, to access this user need to log into Facebook.

Log into Facebook – Facebook Home Page

Basically for a user to access this home page feature they need to first log into the platform. However, to access that users need to follow this steps below.

  • First users most have a working internet data connection on their device.
  • Then open the Facebook App or the web page www.facebook.com
  • Input your login details i.e. username and password.
  • hit on the login caption to gain access to the homepage.

Browse Your Facebook News Feed

Basically, one of the most significant change the Facebook Home brings to Android users is with its lock screen mode. Presently, when you tap your device to a wake up screen you will see a set of floating images. Also, you will find more information from your Facebook News Feed.

Therefore, these info can include contents from your friends’ photos, Instagram pictures, status updates and link content they share. Furthermore, the cover Feed view carousel will slowly tick over by itself. Although, you can swipe left and right to browse through it. Furthermore, you can  as well  press down an image for a while to zoom out and see the whole photo.

Recent Features on Facebook Home – Facebook Messenger

  • Start commenting

Therefore, you can interact with Facebook directly from the Cover Feed without the need to open the application. However, if you double tap on a photo for example, then as a user you can “like” it via Facebook. In the bottom left is a comment box; tapping this will let you start typing on whatever your cover feed is showing, be it image, status, updates or a link share.

  • Manage notification

Facebook’s other core functionality-notifications- has been given a rethink for the Home page. More so, any notifications you will get, will pop up at the top of your cover feed section to alert you. Therefore, you can customize notifications within Facebook itself. However, This will then in turn alter exactly what puts you above your Cover Feed.

Basically users do get notifications, and other different things you can do with the feature. Also, a single tap of the notification will take you out of Cover Feed and into the Facebook app itself. If you long tap on a person’ s profile picture [their Chat Head] listed next to the notification then you will go into Facebook messenger or, if you choose, the main Facebook app.

Conclusively, you can swipe notifications away left or right to ignore them for the time being, or drag down to get rid of all of them and return to browsing your Cover Feed.

  • Chat Heads

Particularly, whenever a user sends you a message, you will see a small circular profile pic icon. This will be at the start of the chat before the first word. More so, this will hover at the top left side of your phone screen. Then immediately any message comes in, you will see a short preview.

Check Out the App drawer 

Therefore, the home also has a custom-made app drawer. From the cover feed home screen, dragging the circular icon of your profile picture will give you the option to open the drawer.

Looking at the side of a launcher go perspective, Facebook Home looks very impressive. Also,  it promises to change your smartphones drastically the moment you install it and ramp up the social side of things no end.


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