Facebook Halloween Costumes 2023 – Get Cheap Halloween Costumes & Movies

Wow is another Halloween again and Facebook Halloween costumes 2023 are all over the place to get for a very cheap price. More so, many people in the United kingdom, USA and other countries are jeering up to rock their Halloween costumes and I believe you do not want to be behind the fun.


Facebook Halloween Costumes 2023 - Get Cheap Halloween Costumes & Movies

Facebook Halloween Costumes 2023

However, so many people around the world who do not know about this festival do ask the question what is Halloween. Well on this article i will be giving you some brief history about the Halloween festival and how it started. Also, if you do not have your Halloween costume yet, and you need one I will show you were to get a nice and very cheap one.

What is Halloween?

Basically, Halloween is a holiday which people in the UK and the USA and other countries celebrate on October 31 and November 1st every year. However, Halloween 2020 will take place on Saturday, October 31.

Therefore, the tradition started from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain people. Furthermore, people will go and get light bonfires from the woods and also wear costumes to scare off ghosts.

Particularly, in the eighth century, Pope Gregory III pick out 1st November as a time to honor all the saints. But as time goes by, All Saints Day started imbibing some of the traditions of the Samhain festival.

However, the evening before the 1st of November was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. Over the years, Halloween was now transforming into a day of activities like

  • Trick or treating
  • Carving jack-o-lanterns
  • Festive gatherings
  • Donning costumes and eating treats.

Origin of Halloween 

The main origin of Halloween is from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in). More so, the Celts, who lived some 2,000 years ago, and mostly in the area that is now Ireland, the United Kingdom and as well northern France. They all celebrates their new year on November 1st every year.

Therefore, this day marked the end of the summer period. Also, the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter. In this time of year that was often associated with the death of humans.

More so, the Celts say that on the night before the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living human and the dead became blurred. Furthermore, on the night of October 31 they the Samhain celebrates. Basically it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth with the action of their scare costumes.

Halloween Movies

There are some very interesting movies you can watch on Halloween holidays with your family and friends. These movies are sure to keep you relax and enjoy Halloween 2021. below are some list of movies.

  • Alive
  • Halloween
  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It
  • A Quiet Place Part 2
  • NightBooks
  • There is Someone Inside Your House
  • The Invisible Man
  • Army of The Dead
  • The Manor
  • Nobody Sleeps in The Woods Tonight
  • IT
  • The Nun
  • MA
  • Oxygen
  • The Empty Man
  • The Hunt
  • Fantasy Island
  • Things Heard and Seen
  • Underwater
  • The Craft: Legacy
  • The Grudge
  • Fear Street

Where to Get Cheap Halloween Costumes

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