Facebook Group – Steps on How to Create & Join New Facebook Groups

Facebook Group are meant to be a close circle of people who share and keep in touch on Facebook. The group platform prides itself with a lot of people from various culture, location and religion. Therefore creating a group means you will be able to bring all kinds of people under on platform.

Facebook Group - Steps on How to Create & Join New Facebook Groups
Facebook Group – Steps on How to Create & Join New Facebook Groups

Basically, everyone on the platform will be on for same purpose. Wow! how wonderful that sounds, its just like creating a whole new word using the Facebook group Platform. Particularly, creating a group, you most consider some basic things like:

  • Topics
  • Books [ Just think of it like a book club]
  • Their business
  • To sell items locally. Also brand Building
  • Support groups
  • Exclusive membership sites

There`s no “wrong” topic for a group. It simply depends on your:

  • Focus
  • Goals
  • Business
  • Topic

However, once you are sure of what to use, and how it will help promote and support one or several of the above, it`s time to create your own Facebook group or join the already created ones.

Steps on How to Create a Facebook Group

  1. Find “Add Group”

Directly from your “Facebook home page”  go straight to the Explore-Groups section on the left hand side of the menu and click on “Groups”

  • Click “Create Group

You`ll be taken to a page that displays the option to create a group as well as showing you some:

  • Pending invites
  • Favorites
  • Your Groups
  • Groups You Manage

To begin the process of steps on how to create Facebook group, The Facebook user need to click “Create Group” in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Name Your Group

The first thing you need to do is give your group a name- I`m naming my group “Genius Arena”. Furthermore, this name can be whatever you want and you can change it later. However, try to make the group name amiable, memorable and searchable-so people can find it.

  • Add Members

Now this stage is a little tricky! You are actually required to add at least 1 friend to the group before you can create it. If you don’t you get an error message. So, in order to create your group, you will need to add at least one friend to the group.

Last Process to Follow in Creating a Facebook Group

  • Choose Privacy Setting

Therefore, users will then need to decide what privacy setting you want the group to have. Therefore, this is probably the most important choice you will make while creating your group-as there are some limits to changing down the road.

However, if you have fewer than 5000 members you will be able to change the settings as you see fit. However, as soon as your group grows to over 5000 members, you can only change an open group to closed or secret-and a closed group to secret. Particularly, you won’t be able to change the privacy again after this.

Therefore, there can be confusion about what privacy setting a group should have -open, closed or secret. It is a self-explanatory as seen above-but here`s another way to help you understand below:

  • Question: who can join?
  • Open: Any Facebook User can join or be added by a member
  • Closed: Anybody can ask to join the group or be added to it
  • Secret: Any user, but they have to be added
  • Question: who can see posts in this group?
  • Open: Facebook users i.e. anyone on the Facebook platform
  • Closed: only group members
  • Secret: only members

The above constructed questions and answers should help you understand the concept of what privacy setting in a group is all about.

  • Click Create

After you have successfully chosen your privacy setting, then click the “create” button.

  • Add Your Image

Therefore, Facebook will now give you the option to add your creative graphic for your header or cover image. Therefore, this part is completely up to you to input it or not. Also, you have to align with your current brand or the theme of your group you create.

  • Complete “About Section”

Your about section is important for 2 reasons:

  1. Give prospective members an idea what your group is about.
  2. Can display any “rules” you may have about the group

Therefore, you edit the group by clicking on the “more” tab and then clicking “Edit Group Settings”. Once on the edit page, you will have many options to change.

How to Invite a New Member to a Facebook group

  • Tap the three parallel lines on the corner of your screen, then select the group you`d like to invite members to.
  • Tap Add Members below the group name.
  • Furthermore, tap Add next to the suggested members or enter a name and tap Done.

How to Block Someone from the Group – Facebook Group Admin

  • Therefore, tap the three parallel lines on the right corner of your screen then select your group.
  • Tap on the More caption at the top of your group page, then tap View Group Info
  • Tap Members.
  • Furthermore, find the member you want to remove and tap
  • Select Remove from group or Block Member.

Steps to Leave a Particular Group

  • Tap the three parallel lines icon at the top corner of your phone screen then tap Groups and select the group you want to leave.
  • Furthermore, hit on the Joined caption below the cover photo and select Leave Group.

Particularly, Facebook Group is beneficial in many ways. More so, it exposes one to a whole lot of things about people, place, culture and travels. Also, education, ideas, life styles, descries, affairs, businesses, love, interests, accommodations and living.

Basically, Facebook Group widens one’s horizon about life in general. Also, with the group, i will say “there’s never a dull moment”. I will advise you create one today or join one if not already.


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