The social media network was down same as Instagram down and WhatsApp down as well. Basically, the social media world was under fear yesterday and so many suspecting one thing or the other to proof a point. Furthermore the reason for this is not far fetch as users cannot access their Facebook account at the time.


Also, this goes to for Instagram and WhatsApp users as well. Most users went as far to delete Facebook and download Facebook app again same as accessing Instagram download all over again. But this issue is general and not from the users end point so relax. More so, all these three social media service went shutdown simultaneously because they are all owned by

Facebook Down

The break down of FB services yester was due to some technical and upgrade issues o the social media platform. However, this is so to further help Facebook to continue to deliver excellent services to their users online and on the Facebook app.

More so, many users thought this issue is from their mobile device or PC they use in access the platform. Some even think it maybe from their location were they are too. But it not the case as the issue is from the Facebook messenger itself and it nice to say Facebook is back on and running smoothly.

Instagram Down

The same story goes for one of the most famous social media platform Instagram app online. Therefore, this social media app and online service was as well down during the time Fbook and WhatsApp was also down.

Judging from the users point of view, so many users have to restart their phone to try to rectify the issue. However, this was also from the service provider as it is operated by Facebook as well. But right now, Instagram online is available to its users, so is Instagram live too.

WhatsApp Down

WhatsApp is on of the world best instant messaging platform. More so, it has an online video calling feature too. However, it works directly with the use of your mobile number. More so, this social media app is available to all the countries of the world. Also, it is owned by Facebook as well which makes it to fall under the same shutdown issue to users too.

So if you cannot make use of the social media service at the moment you just need to hold on and not be afraid. Therefore, the issue is general.  We at are happy to announce to you that all three social media platforms are up and running.