Today we are going to discuss about Facebook dating setup. Also, how to get Facebook dating secret crush as well as old users knowing how to delete their Facebook dating profile account and access it again. So let jump into this Facebook dating review and see all for ourselves as I show you how all this is done.

Facebook Dating Setup and Get Facebook Dating Secret Crush
Facebook Dating Setup and Get Facebook Dating Secret Crush

Get Facebook Dating Secret Crush

Facebook users can match with their Facebook friends and as well Instagram followers through this secret crush feature.  Therefore, to achieve this process,

  • Login into your Facebook dating account.
  • First, scroll down to the bottom of the screen where Fbook do suggests profiles.
  • Then select Secret Crush option.

There you can as well choose friends on Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, this is possible when the user have Facebook Dating enabled. You’ll then get a notification that someone has a crush on you. However, the other user won’t know who. More so, if they also add you to their secret crushes, then it will them match you with them.

How to Adjust the Facebook Dating Settings

Here, you will see how to change a few settings that will improve the Facebook Dating app and its performance.

  1. Tap the gear like icon on the Facebook account screen. This is where Facebook suggests profiles to access the settings.

  2. Furthermore, right at the Ideal Match tab, setup your preferred desire for potential matches.

  3. Also, under the General tab settings, you can control what displays on your dating profile.

  4. Therefore, to connect your Instagram account, select the caption next to Instagram.

  5. Then choose the Connect Stories icon.

  6. Lastly, connect buttons to share your Facebook and Instagram stories.

How to Delete Facebook Dating Profile

So many people do ask how to delete Facebook dating profile for reasons best known to them alone.  Well it is possible for you to delete your Facebook Dating profile. However, this process will not delete your regular Facebook profile. Although, you deleting your account will automatically remove you from Fb Dating.

  1. Therefore, click on the gear icon on the screen where Facebook suggests dating profiles to see the settings.

  2. Select the General tab.

  3. Then choose Delete Profile under the Account section.

  4. Furthermore, pick a reason for quitting Facebook Dating on the list displaying on your screen.

  5. Lastly, click on the Next caption.

This is the simple way for you to delete your Facebook dating account profile.

Facebook Dating Tips

Basically, before meeting anyone online on a date, you have to always inform a friend or family member where you’re going. More so, it is as well a good idea to communicate with your date on SMS texting or Facebook messenger. This is good because, it will make sure you are going to a safe location.

Also, if you wish to block any user from contacting you or even seeing your Facebook dating profile then head straight to If want to the general tab section right on the Facebook Dating setup section and click on block user.

I hope this article gives you more insight on the Facebook online dating platform. As well as help you find the perfect match to keep your love life going smoothly and meeting the right people.